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get lots of fiends. As in, 18 of them. Right now. no, 5 minutes ago.

daemonettes can be pretty nasty but they are also barely more survivable than guardsmen. You want speed even though you're deepstriking because you have no way of doing secure deepstriking like drop pods can, and you definitely want to be in combat turn 2, so having a 19-24 assault range gives you more possibilities for deep striking with less risk. Also, since your troops are squishy you want your first wave to tie up as many problem units as possible as fast as possible, so when the second half of your army arrives bit by bit it doesn't get shot to death.

The masque is kinda crappy; sure pavane looks nice, until you realize that it's just a gimpy lash of submission and everyone is sitting inside their transports (which you'll already have a bitch of a time to break). go for heralds in chariots instead. They are like souped up fiends and will add more of a speed element. I'd recommend going with 4 heralds rather than a KoS, since that is more point efficient, but the KoS can be nice. Give them all Soporiphic musk so you can hit and run around the table. 3d6 and then 19 inches next turn will get you pretty far, and means you can hide in combat more (which you need desperately)

Slaanesh princes aren't so hot, mainly because they aren't very survivable (the 2 most common choices for DPs are nurgle if it's CC or tzeentch if it's shooty). As you can see, both of those increase their survivability, since T5 with a 5+ is not that hot. If you do take them anyway though, give them armour and no wings (since the rest of your army will be super fast anyway)

ok, that's all, sorry I went a bit in a different direction, but hopefully it can help you make an army that you'll enjoy

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