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For an all-slaaneshi list, I think you may want to look into Seekers. Same threat range as the Fiends, but they have grenades. They are daemonettes with a long charge range, being able to get into the likes of Long Fangs etc quite quickly, while you'd have to DS your 'nettes closer.

Other than that, what everyone else is saying makes perfect sense. Load up on fiends, heralds on chariots (you can use Tomb Kings chariots for an easy conversion, that's what I did for my Tzeentchian heralds.) etc etc.

If you run with princes, don't use wings and have Pavane instead. With BS5 you won't miss as much, and it allows the prince the extra movement like Wings etc. Musk is also a must for heralds and princes, if you run them.
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