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new all over again

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new to the forum and new to 40k again. i found a tyranid battle box unfinished from about 7 years ago and decided to try my hand at this one more time. i used to play eldar and did it rather well. now i'm toying with these tyranids and between the differences between them and eldar and all the new rules i'm getting slaughtered. i only play my 2 friends. one has a space marine army and he knows his stuff. the other plays orks and has over 3000 points painted and ready to roll. in our small games his army is different every time. i joined this forum cause i need help.
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really? i'm lost

any questions? I have one carnifex i don't know how to buid. 3 dozen stealers that get slaughtered. a ton of gaunts i have no clue how to use effectively. so many options on warriors i have no idea whats right. andhow do i put the right model customizes to reperesent what i finally choose to use. thats just the beginning of my questions. really just winning a game would be a great start.i've learned some nid tactics just by reading stuff on this forum but i won't play another game for a week or 2. HELP. please and thank you.
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