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Greetings, Heresy Online. I was just surfing the net this morning and a question occured to me, so after Googling with no success I thought I'd try a 40k forum, this lead to the realization that maybe it was time I join a forum for my favorite hobby and here I am. Here's a little info on me.

I am from Oklahoma
I play 40K and a little Rogue Trader
I'm 24
I spent four years on Army Active Duty (1/15th Cadia- I mean Field Artillery in Korea for a year and 1/7th Field Artillery in Kansas for three years)
I have a Space Wolves army (little over 2,000 pts)
I have an Imperial Guard army (just pushing 2,000)
and I have a Salamanders army (3,000 if I get super-nerdy)

So as you can see, I am a mindless slave to the God-Emperor.

Look forward to getting to know some of you and may I just say that the site is excellent.
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