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I'm a long-time fantasy player looking to get more into 40k. I've read the rules and played a few practice games but apart from that I'm pretty clueless about what works well in the game so I'm looking for any tips and advice on list building.

I'm hoping to build a list which will be fairly competitive and fun, for both me and my opponent. I Know how many people cry cheese whenever they see an eldar army across the table and I don't want the list to be too broken.

Here's a list I've put together for starters. It's just the stuff I find coolest fluff-wise and model-wise.

My biggest questions are:
1) will it be competitive?
2) will it make everyone hate me and not want to play against me?
3) how would you change it to make it better, baring in mind these two objectives?

Primary detachment:
Seer council formation.
Farseer (warlord), spirit stone of anath'lan, singing spear.
5 warlocks.

Combined arms detachment:
3 wind riders. All with Scatterlasers
3 wind riders. All with scatterlasers
5 wraithguard. D-scythes.
Dedicated transport: wave serpent. Twin-linked bright lances, shuriken cannon, holo fields and spirit stones
5 wraithguard: Wraithcannons
Dedicated transport: wave serpent. Twin-linked shuriken cannons, shuriken cannon, holo fields and spirit stones
Wraithlord. 2 flamers. 2 bright lances. Ghostglaive

Formation: Aspect Host
6 dark reapers including exarch. All with starstrike missiles. Exarch with eldar missile launcher.
8 swooping Hawks including exarch.
10 dire avengers including exarch. Power sword and shimmer shield.

What do you think?

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I Love eldar. Of curse every one might think your a little overpowered Burt eldar aré awesome. I suggest getting Either a bunch of scrub guardians or a bunch of fire dragons for High Armor people

probably get some fire dragons. People think eldar are overpowered but they are not as overpowered as necrons. it will be very competitive. people wont hate you
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