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Noticed this over on BoLs and have basically been refreshing the GW site every hour since. Apparently if you have digital editions they are available for download.

Hoping for some clarifications on the Dark Angels Codex (listed), and am interested to see if Blood Angels (not listed) and Space Wolves (listed) are going to have their Scouts and Dreadnoughts FAQ'd up to the SM/DA standard.

OR this means nothing and GW remains silent on clarifying the rules they've written.

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I read them and...ehm...these faqs are...the same as before? no real change? cool...

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According to whining on the DA groups on Facebook, Dark Angels can now take 'Characters on a Space Marine Bike' in the Ravenwing Strikeforce.

They're still whining that it doesn't bestow Ravenwing to the character.

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Dark Angels:

Page 159 – Ravenwing Strike Force, Restrictions
Replace this with the following:
‘All units in this Detachment must have the Ravenwing
special rule (pg 148) or be a Dark Angels Character
equipped with a Space Marine bike.’

40k BRB:

Page 46 - Charge Move, Moving Charging Models
Change the first bullet point to read:
‘If possible, a charging model must end its charge move
in unit coherency with another model in its own unit
that has already moved. If it is not possible for a charging
model to move and maintain unit coherency, move it as
close as possible to another model in its own unit that
has already moved instead.’

Page 89 - Skimmers, Special Rules
Change this sentence to read:
‘Skimmers that are not also Heavy vehicles or are
immobilised have the Jink special rule.’

Page 165 - Hammer of Wrath, second paragraph
Add the following sentence:
‘If a model with this special rule charges a Walker, the
hit is resolved against the Front Armour Facing unless
the Walker is immobilised, in which case it is resolved
against the Armour Value of the facing the charging
model is touching.’

Page 166 - Independent Character, Independent
Characters and Infiltrate
Change this sentence to read:
‘An Independent Character without the Infiltrate special
rule cannot join a unit of Infiltrators during deployment,
and vice versa.’

Q: Do passengers disembarking from an immobile vehicle such
as a Drop Pod that has just arrived from Deep Strike Reserve
have to take a leadership test to see if they can fire normally (or if
they have to fire Snap Shots)?
A: No.

Q: If I have both the Tank Hunters and Rending special rules,
and I roll a 6 to penetrate an enemy vehicle but subsequently
roll low on my additional D3 (failing to penetrate the enemy
vehicle), can I choose to re-roll only the D3 or do I re-roll the
original D6 and hope to get another 6?
A: Re-roll the original D6.
Will keep looking...

EDIT: This should be a .zip file of the December FAQ. I have downloaded it and nothing went off on the computer's security.

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2 updates for orks;
1. Improving the deff storm mega shoota for the gorkanaut from str5 AP5 to str6 AP4.
2. Defkoptas can also now perform a bombing run even though they're a jet bike, dropping a single use, large blast, Str4 AP5 bomb for 15 points.

Minor beneficial tweaks, would perhaps have preferred army wide access to eavy armour, but Hey Ho, better than nothing.
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