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Hi guys,

We've been showing off the 28mm Castle on this forum for a while now and it's now available to pre-order. This huge set includes 12 individual Castle kits, which consist of all the parts required to make a Square Castle.

If a Square Castle isn't your thing, don't worry! As the Tower Wall Connector Sets can be placed into the Tower at different angles, gamers can design a totally different shape of fortification. Furthermore, as the the kits are fully modular, you can create longer, taller or even smaller Castle Walls and Towers. The full Basic Castle Set consists of:

4 x Round Fortified Towers
3 x Standard Castle Walls
1 x Castle Wall Gate
4 x Tower Wall Connector Sets

Just a quick heads up to anyone who pre-ordered, all Basic Castle Sets will be dispatched in the coming weeks. Don't worry. We'll keep you updated of progress on our Social Media Sites, our Website and our Mailing List as usual.

This month, we're also offering four brand new bundles to offer you more of our scenery for smaller prices. These include the new 28mm Settlement, which offers the full set of our Medieval Range for just £75! For more information on these exclusive sets, head over to http://www.tabletopworkshop.co.uk

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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