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here is a new list that my buds up at my local gw helped .e put together.

hq: 473pts

elites: 310
6x bloodcrushers 1 fok, 1 ci
(should i make these 2 units of 3?)

troops: 805
10x bloodletters 1 fok, 1 ci
10x bloodletters 1 fok, 1 ci
10x pink horrors 1 changeling, 1 bolt, 1 ci
10x pink horrors 1 bolt. 1 ci

fast attack: 282
5x fleshhounds 1 fok, karanak
6x screamers 1 tg, 1 ci

heavy support: 280(270)
daemon prince mok, bobg, ds
daemon prince mot, bot, boc
(soul grinder- tongue)

list comes to 1850 on the dot. with the soul grinder and no mot dp its 1840.
what do you think of the list? this list i havent played yet nor bought. i am planning on proxying a game really soon. but once i can i will be buying everything. skulss for the skull throne

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Where to start...

Okay, no Jugger for Skulltaker? Yeah, that's a big no no. He's slow, scary, and therefore bound to get shot to death. Take a Bloodthirster with Unholy Might and Blessing. He'll wreck shit. Especially with Fateweaver around.

Trim your unit of Crushers to 4 with an Icon, Musician, and Fury. This will let you split up your wounds as you'll have 4 individual 2 wound models. Guaranteed to piss of the competition.

Get rid of those useless Flesh Hounds. Of all the Khorne entries only them and the Khorne Prince aren't worth taking. No power weapons is no good. Which leads me to suggest you change up those Princes. I'd use 3 Grinders with Phlegm as they dish the hurt the turn they arrive. But if you really want those princes I'd give them MoT (or MoN), Wings, Iron Hide, Daemonic Gaze and/or possibly Breath. That way they are survivable, can shoot when they land, and are fast enough to be scary for CC. Downside is they cost a ton of points.

I'd drop the screamers and get a unit of Flamers. Those guys are too awesome for words. Especially when they cook a unit of terminators the turn they land.

That should make for an army your opponent is forced to make choices about what to kill. Because all of it will mangle him. There are some rock hard units for Daemons and some that just aren't up to the task.

Best of luck!
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