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Dunno if this is the right place but I just finished reading Nemesis (New HH novel by James Swallow) and it is pretty awesome. Mr Swallow has really matured as a writer too, which makes this book one of the better HH in terms of readability.
I won’t give too much away but I really liked this book for two reasons:
Firstly, you learn loads about the different assassin clades, giving me a new found appreciation of the different types (we only get 4 types in game terms but we learn about another two in the book). I can’t decide on my favourite type, but those Eversors are pretty mean, and now I want a whole army of assassins.
Secondly, where most of the story in the previous HH books concentrate on galactic-scale battles and the dealings of the legions, this book gives us an insight into how the Heresy affected the common man and the conflicts they faced as the Heresy crept towards them light years away from the Throne of Terra and Imperial rule, adding a welcome dimension to the series, in my opinion.
Anyway, if you love the series already you’ll love it even more after this book. And if you have been scared of the debateable/variable quality of previous Black Library novels, this is definitely one of the better written ones and a good reason to give them a second chance.

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Cool, thanks for the review.
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