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Well i bought myself a battle force a few months ago and im finally getting round to expanding from it, besides the battle force i already had 5 marines and a librarian. So heres what i have so far.


Librarian - 100pts


Tactical Squad (10 man) w/ flamer and missile launcher - 230pts
Srg w/ powerfist

Tactical Squad (10 man) w/ plasma gun and missile launcher - 180pts

Scout Squad (5 man) w/ heavy bolter - 85pts

Fast- Assult Squad (5 man with jump packs) - 130pts
Srg w/ storm shield and power weapon

total- 725

im looking for advice on what i could buy (im financially limited at the moment and have only 60 pounds maybe 70 to expand it to 1000pts
so any help will be muchly appreciated,
thanks in advance :)
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