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Librarian - 100pts

Tactical Squad (10 man) w/ flamer and missile launcher - 230pts
Srg w/ powerfist
They're OK as they are.

Tactical Squad (10 man) w/ plasma gun and missile launcher - 180pts
These guys need some transport, I'd say. Razorback would be fine if you're going to combat-squad plasma and ML.

Scout Squad (5 man) w/ heavy bolter - 85pts
Are they bolters + HB? I prefer scouts like either CCW+meltabombs/PF+combi-melta (antitank suiciders) or snipers. Since there should be CCW hands in your battleforce (and no sniper rifles, if memory serves), you may consider making them an anti-armour unit instead of being BS3 shooters.

Fast- Assult Squad (5 man with jump packs) - 130pts
Srg w/ storm shield and power weapon
One storm shield is too much a risk - you reallocate a single wound and have a chance of losing your power weapon (one that really matters in the unit). And meltabombs would be really nice here if you meet a Walker.

Possible upgrades:
- razorback for your second Tac squad;
- meltabombs/PF/combi-melta to scouts;
- another assault squad (spare PF and meltabombs) - add 4 bodies to your assault squad and get your librarian a jump pack - now you've got a fast-moving CC threat;
- Rifleman Dread/Land speeder Typhoon/AC+las Predator for some extra ranged punch.

Think this will bring you to around 1000pts and cost you around 60-70 pounds.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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