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Needs Help 1535 point army

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ok so i think im gunna need some help with this here it is as it stands

Librarian 115
Plasma Pistol
Power armour
Psychic hood

Terminator Squad 230
cyclone missile launcher
2x Storm Bolters
Power sword
heavy flamer
3 power fists
assault cannon

Venerable Dreadnought 180
Assault cannon
Power fist
Extra Armour

Techmarine w 2 Servitors 110
Combi Flamer
Heavy Bolter

6x 5 Man space marine Squads
Power fists
Storm Bolters

2 Space Marine Bikers 50
Power Fists
Attack Bike 50
Multi Melta

No Heavy weapons

i need some help on what to have what units to buy and field and what to take out cheers
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so ditch the techmarine get rid of the dred and replace them with what

cheers by the way
Ah cool um as for the abilities im not quite sure im not too certain on whats good cause ive only played one game under the new rules im just recently getting back into it as for the tac squads ive just switched it to 3 10 man teams im looking at getting some razorbacks for some extra firepower and ill get another bike to make it a squad im more of a gun line sort of person

1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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