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ok so i think im gunna need some help with this here it is as it stands

Librarian 115
Plasma Pistol
Power armour
Psychic hood

Terminator Squad 230
cyclone missile launcher
2x Storm Bolters
Power sword
heavy flamer
3 power fists
assault cannon

Venerable Dreadnought 180
Assault cannon
Power fist
Extra Armour

Techmarine w 2 Servitors 110
Combi Flamer
Heavy Bolter

6x 5 Man space marine Squads
Power fists
Storm Bolters

2 Space Marine Bikers 50
Power Fists
Attack Bike 50
Multi Melta

No Heavy weapons

i need some help on what to have what units to buy and field and what to take out cheers

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PFs on 5 man squads suck, Tacticals and Bikers should never be in assault. Shove these squads in Razorbacks or get 3 10 man units with a heavy weapon.

Plasma Pistols fail, lose 'em.

Techmarines fail, ditch him.

Terminators can only have 1 heavy weapon per 5. 2 Cyclones work just fine.

Ven Dreads are too expensive, meltas kill them dead either way. Dual autocannons or MM/HF.

Eh, it's not very good at all. You need more firepower, more mech, and less random junk like Techmarines. If you want Bikes, bring more or grab a Biker Captain and go all Bikes.

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The Lib is a good HQ choice.
What abilities are you thinking of giving him? The plasma pistol is ok, I use them with jumppacks. I would also look at a combi-melta.

If you are looking at walking your termies I would go with the cyclone launchers. So you should have the hvy weapon term, sgt w/ pw & SB, PF & SB x3. If you took gate w/ your lib and ran him with the terms I would go with assault cannon or HF.

The dread is good as a walking advance. TL AC would give you a little more range.

Techmarines are good in Dread armies or more mech armies with servitors I would recommend a rhino or razorback. Without I would put him on a bike. This allows him to move around fast between units to repair. If you want to go shooty then a conversion beam is the best.

Your points will be cheaper on your tac squads if you buy them in 10 man squads and then combat squad them. It will give you a few free weapons. I would go with rhinos or razorbacks to add mobility and/ or firepower.

You need atleast 3 bikes to form a squad. Then you add an attack bike with MM.

This is based off I am guessing the models you have on hand. Are you looking at running a gun line or assault based army? I need a little feedback to help you more.

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Ah cool um as for the abilities im not quite sure im not too certain on whats good cause ive only played one game under the new rules im just recently getting back into it as for the tac squads ive just switched it to 3 10 man teams im looking at getting some razorbacks for some extra firepower and ill get another bike to make it a squad im more of a gun line sort of person


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for a gun line you are on a good roll. The 3 squads deployed with razorbacks add a good amount of firepower. Look at ML for all around heavy weapons and a tem man gets them for free. I would use the cyclone launcher termies. The bike squad would be good for flanking up one side or the other. The techmarine would work well as a MotF with a conversion beam. If you keep the normal techmarine relook the weapons. With a servo harness you get 2 PF, flamer, and TL plasma pistol. If he has a Razorback as well then you have another weapon platform. Add in a pred or two would help as well. That will put you at about 1500 points.

I hope this helps

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MotF needs a bike with that CB so he can maneuver for the railgun blast. Dreads should go x2 TL AC for a gunline, and you need speeders (MM/HF) more than bikes. If you can lose the termies for six sterguards in a RB. Good hunting.
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