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So I had been buying some cheap models on ebay and this is a list of what I have ended up with..

Very little of this is assembled yet and I have read the codex a couple of times but I just dont know what is smart to do or what I need to add or anything..

So here is what I have

These are all from AOBR

2 x dreadnaughts
10 x terminators
1 x space marine captain
20 x tactical marines

I have assembled all of these with the stuff that comes with them which I believe are storm bolters and power fists? for the terminators... Not sure what the dreads weapons are.. Boltguns on the marines except 2 have some sort of flamer.. And the captain has the power sword and bolter I believe.

From there I bought an older (atleast I think it is older) battleforce

It contains 3 bikers, one rhino, a tactical squad and an assault squad.. I havent assembled any of these or even opened the box yet. So whatever would be best to put on them I will do..

I have 5x scouts they aren't fully assembled yet. The bodies are up with no weapons.

Then a few loose pieces I have another fully assembled and painted rhino, a chaplain unassembled, a Space Marine Standard Bearer, an apothecary unassembled.

I think that is all I currently have Im not looking to be too serious with the army just play my cousins chaos space marines, maybe go into my local GW and play there when I finally manage to get them assembled.

Thanks for any help I can provide any information needed.


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Well it sounds like you have a nice little assortment or models now, and can start putting together some lists. For now though i would stick with games between 1000-1500 points seeing as you only have 2 dreadnoughts and no other real armour (rhinos dont count.) Once you pick up a predator or vindicator then you can think about moving up.

For now you need to ask yourself a few questions:
1. Do i want my army to be more close combat effective? long range effective or fairly balanced? (which in this case i would keep it balanced as it is marines and its more forgiving to new players)
2. What do i want my army to be effective against? (keep in mind there are various playstyles amongst the other races, you will not always be ready for everyone, but try and be as prepared as possible for anything. Like having high volumes of shots in some squads if you face nids or orks, and a few high strength shots here and there when you face chaos)

Remember the your force will always need atleast 1 hq (captain, chaplain, etc) and two troop choices (tac marines, scouts) In your case for now at 1000pts i would try and having the captain with a power weapon or dual lightning claws, 2 8-10 man tactical squads (giving the segeant a powerfist and taking a special weapon like a flamer or melta, probably one of each in each squad and put them in rhinos with exta armour), the scout squad with sniper rifles and missile launcher, and the two dreadnoughts with either a missile launcher or lascannon and a drednought close combat weapon with a built in heavy flamer.

That should give a solid base to work from as you go up in point values. Well i hope that helps!
TheAs you go up in point value

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normally in Aobr set u have
Dread with CC weapon storm bolter and MultiMelta
Tac sqads with Flamer and MissileLauncher

this is just for clarification

some tips:

1 for low point games keep ur HQ simple and low cost (ex libby)
2 for each 500 points one troop choice
3 do not forget transport it is essential in most armies

now as for Tac marines i agree with Blood_Knight i think that PF on sarge is a must (this is my opinion) and the combi won't hurt either, put them all in transports

Dreads if u want them CC they need Pods and i would replace strom bolter with HF

this is just a quick overview

if ur looking for a ready list and not for tips let me know i can propose something more

i was also starting form Aobr

Have Fun

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AoBR captain have storm bolter, not a normal bolt pistol (should be much bigger than assault marines' pistols and a little bigger than tacticals' bolters). So maybe you should swap his sword for a power fist, or swap his storm bolter to a bolt pistol (a conversion!) or just stick with a chaplain.
PF tactical sarge may benefit from your spare storm bolter.

Multimelta on the dread is of little use if you don't get it a drop pod.

Tacticals should be numbered 10 to get assault and heavy weapons almost for free, so here I disagree with Blood_Knight. And they do belong to Rhinos.

One more option for scouts is close combat weapons and PF+combi-melta for sarge (of coutse, if you have the bits). It's a suicide load, but they can actually hurt some tank (more expensive then themselves), or at least force your opponent to divert his fire from your other units.
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