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Ok, so don't know how often people look at this board, hopefully a few of you guys to help me out here. So yeah, looking for some new novels to read, stand alones work, but ideally I'm looking for a series of novels.

Space Sci-Fi wise, i've read all sorts of 40k of course, the Star Wars novels, and for other influences of the sort of thing i'm looking for, I love Battlestar Galactica and Stargates.

Also looking for some post-apocalyptic/fucked future sort of novels. Things like The Road, Book of Eli, the Fallout games, that sort of thing.

Cheers for some thoughts.

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I'd be more than happy to make some recommendations.

There are two post-apocalyptic series I read that I would recommend to others. The first is Vampire Hunter D, though to us it's more a series of novellas, which is a series with about 20 entries so far and more that haven't been translated, and the author is still writing (Which considering the format of the series I think he'll keep writing them until he dies.)


It's a great series where every book is essentially a standalone adventure, though some occasionally reference another book, and is post-apocalyptic mixed with dark fantasy, it also does tragedy very well and I think the most upbeat ending that the series has ever done is at best bittersweet. The only flaw is that the protagonist is unbeatable, very few ever really pose a threat to him and in some books it does feel like he just overpowers everyone without trying and in some of them he does. But most of the books the author mitigates the fact that D is essentially unbeatable by having him face opponents that can't be overpowered and that he has to think about how to beat them.

The other post-apocalyptic series I can recommend... well I think it's really good but you'd have to be ok with two things about it. One, the author who writes it primarily writes fantasy romance novels. And two, it's essentially a YA series. If your ok with that then look up Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole (Two books so far, Poison Princess and Endless Knight), I very much enjoy the series which bases it's mythology on the Tarot Cards like the Empress, Death, Hierophant, The World, etc. It's like Battle Royale if the kids had superpowers and the series was set in the Fallout universe.

If you're interested in fantasy recommendations I can make a fair few of those, but truthfully since I stopped reading Star Wars stuff, because 99% of what they make now is crap, I don't read as much sci-fi as I used to think I did. Really will have to rectify that.

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