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Well, I got to play test my mechanized list
Here's the quick and dirty version

HG w/2 Melta & 1 PF, HB Razorback

10 man DC, no packs

5-man Tac w/Plas, LC Razorback
5-man Tac w/Plas, LC Razorback

MM Attack Bike
MM Attack Bike
MM Attack Bike

Baal, HB Sponsons
Baal, HB Sponsons
Land Raider Crusader

The idea was for the ICs to travel behind the raider and the DC to travel inside it.

His list was (as far as I can recall)

He had the trait that let his tacs and devs infiltrate, and the drawback that let me have an extra turn if I want.

Captain w/power weapon
JP chaplain

AC Dred w/drop pod
5 Termies (AC, ML, 2x chainfist)

3 8-man tactical squads (2 infiltrated) woth ML and plas
8-man scout snipers w/heavy bolter

6-man assault w/plas
Tornado Speeder

Vindicator (POTMS)
and a hastily assembled 8-man dev with a HB, LC and ML and they infitrate

The cap was with one of the tacticals (the one that didn't infiltrate) and the chappy was with the assault squad

The first mission was Take and Hold, and ended with me conceding at about turn 4.

he set his heavy weapons up close and butchered my transports right out of the gate. Broke one of my baals early on too. The other Baal survived long enough to decimate one of his tacticals, before getting broken by the survivor's ML.

The Crusader butchered his dev squad in retaliation for the transport they smoked, but then hung itself up on terrain the following turn. Eventually it was slagged by his vindi

He used his whirlwind well, laying out mines ot choke up the surviving, lighter-armored vehicles/ There was too much terrian on the board (my fault) so that really worked against me.

The plasma squads holed up on buildings when their transports got smoked, and survived unharmed, but also dodn;t get to do a lot of damage and never got close to the objective.

the HG performed well, but their transport was slagged early on as well. When he dropped his dread behind me the HG doubled back and smoked it on the following turn, but not before his dread could gun down lemartes (he was able to drop in behind my lines)

The DC ended up deploying before they were meant to and without lemmy they were forced to move towards the wrong targets.

About the only units that performed as expected were the bokes. They worked great, though I had some terrible penetration rolls. It took three tries (teice out of melt range) before I managed to penetrate ins vindicsator, and even then all I did was immobilize and stun it (which didn;t stop it firing) when I moved into its rear armor and melta'd it. In fristration, I checked my army list and realized Jervis gave them krak grenades, so I charged in after that and wound up slagging the damned thing with a krak to the back (I actually thanked Jervis Johnson for that one)

I ended up giving up once my DC was dragged away from the objective and my only scoring units were stuck in the back.

This game suffered from very poor luck on my part, and too much terrain. But the transports were distressingly easy to break. He got first go, and he was able to infiltrate his pesky missile launchers right into the perfect positions to smoke my tanks

The second game was a cleanse mission, and ended in him conceding to me, but it was hard fought.

Again, he won first turn. This time he systematically destroyed both Baals, immobilized one razorback and destroyed one other before his shooting phase was over.


When my turn came around I charged the land raider for his strongpoint in his home quarter, intent upon unleashing the DC into his main force. Unfortunately, I rolled a 3 on the terrain check during my assault phase and as a result of that and the crowded floor they were on in the building, I was only able to bring about three or four DC in on the charge. The rest had to pile in.

Likewise, because of crowding the DC in in preperation for assault, I wasn't able to get Meph and Lem into the fray right away. Meph joined in turn two, but lem had ti waiut til turn 3 because of a pathetic terrain roll for his assault move

The DC did pretty well, but he had both his captain and his chaplain there, so despite only suffering one or two losses from the normal troops, over the course of 3 turns, they were all cut down by the ICs with their power weapons. They killed a lot of troopers though, and only the ICs were able to do any damage.

Mephiston, however, was a rape machine. Even though I forgot his might of heroes, he was still able to kill his captain before he could swing back, then finish up the remaining tactical squad. Lemartes came in late but got lucky and cut hi chaplain down

His terminators and drop pod dread were late in coming, and the dreadnought was blown up by a meltabike right after arriving.

Again, the bikes did well, and were able to destroy his vindicator and react instantly to his dreadnought.

The HG did fairly well too. Their transport (because it only had HBs) was ignored the first turn and managed to make it into a nearby building. Unfortunately, he wasn't deep enough in to avoid being shot up but he dev squad. But the HG survived and only lost one man to incoming fire while they were entangled. The next turn they made it out of the building and were able to shoot then charge his 8-man devs with 4 HG and wipe them to the last man. This left them in possession of the table quarter, which was nice, since they were stranded again.

The crusader moved into a neighboring quarter once the DC was dropped off ad began whittling away at the tactical squad that was claiming it. I was about to drive it into the building and finish them off when he conceded.

So far the only consistently successful elements have been Mephiston, the bikes, the crusader and the DC.

The baals got blown early and when they did survive, I found to my dismay that a hail of AP4 rounds doesn't do a whole lot against 3+ saves.

I really love the concept of having every man on a bike or in a transport, but SM transports really suck...

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Easier said than done. 5 marines without any special weapons runs me 115 points, plus another 40 just for a rhino.

Dropping both baals would buy me maybe another razorback squad and perhaps a powerfist or two. One fragile target in exchange for two strong ones.

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It's not that Lemmy isn't working, just that he hasn't consistently performed as well as the aforementioned elements. 'Sides, without a chaplain, the DC goes nuts and starts chasing cars. I thought about replacing him with a standard chaplain, but that'd only save a few points and end up giving up the deathmask and a wound.

I'm not sure how much I like the idea of pairing down the armored units, either...it just gives them more heavy weapons to point at what's left..

Not trying to be difficult, and I appreciate the help.

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I'm willing to entertain the idea of drop pods, but my experiences fighting against drop pods seems to be that they're either one-hit wonders or suicide squads. They drop in, blow something up and are then either stranded or gunned down. It's definitely something to consider, but it;d mean giving up a good chunk of firepower
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