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To be honest you are really making things hard for yourself by doing mech BA. Rhino rush is seldom used for a reason to be honest. It's more like "rhino be popped and entangled in our deployment zone" these days. I just can't imagine a rhino based army having a hope against a decent Tau, eldar or necron army. Tank transports got hit too hard (in my opinion) in 4th edition and probably aren't now viable.

This actually works out to have vehicles getting slowly removed from more and more lists. Remove the transports and you have a lot fewer targets for the other guy's AT stuff, so your shooty tanks die faster and are less effective. There's a substantial move towards all infantry armies as a result.

Drop pods might be interesting. Some BA units, assault squads and vet assault squads at least, can get them for free in exchange for their jump packs. All infantry with a load of jump guys backed up by devastators could also be pretty good. This would probably be too much of a departure for you.
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