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So here's my conundrum: I want to build a Saim Hann list. I've posted it before. It's mostly fluffy, but I also would like something competitive without being 'OMGWraithknight' or something like that. No, I will not completely spam Scatter lasers, and at least for right now, I want to skip Forgeworld (my Tau is my FW-heavy army).

I have it narrowed down to 4 lists, which are all fairly similar, but I'd really like some assistance in deciding.

List 1: This is currently my first choice. It runs 2 CADs, the Aspect Host Formation, Crimson Death Formation, and Faolchu's Blade. So obviously, LOTS of detachments, etc.

List 2: This one only uses one CAD, and no Aspect Host, to try and trim down the extra detachments. It does add some Warlocks, giving me mostly buffs/psychic defense.

List 3: This one is designed to move a little bit closer to a Windrider Host if I ever go that way, and adds a few Vypers.

List 4: Let me start by saying I HATE the Windrider host. I don't plan on running Infantry, so the rest of the Craftworld Warhost doesn't help me, and one turn of Shred doesn't feel worth it to me with all the tax units. But option 4 IS my shot at a WH host.


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