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I am in the process of writing a guide and am interested to see what the general consensus on various rules are, if you know/can prove the correct answer it would be very helpful.

Edit: If you can only answer a couple please do so and I will update this first page to reflect

1) Can a model with Fast Shot gain an extra shot when using a Gun Emplacement or Emplaced Gun>? It seems kind of grey based on various wordings, but the fact that a user would follow all normal rules for shooting and still get all their special rules (such as Tank hunters, or a Reaper Rangefinder) on their shots makes me wonder.

2) Can an Avatar or a Tau Suit model fire two Emplaced GUns/Gun Emplacements since they are able to fire two weapons? I am assuming only being able to fire one of them on Overwatch is still correct?

3) I'm aware that spells can no longer be cast out of tanks but can a model with a Warlord trait still grant the ability to models around the Tank? Example, The Eldar have a Warlord trait that grants Stealth for a single turn to all models within 12'. Would this apply if the Warlord is embarked without firing ports.

4) Can Grenades and Melta bombs etc etc be considered weapons now that they have Ranged and Close Combat profiles? Specifically for the purposes of switching out items for the various Eldar Relics but also in situations with Disarming Strike?

5) I think this is obvious but for a Jump MC do they get Hammer of Wrath even when using the Jump move distance

6) It should be fairly obvious, but just in case something changed I want to confirm abilities like Shadow in the Warp and the Crucible of Malediction will not work on Embarked Psykers.

7) Do void shields take one hit from blast weapons or multiple hits if they land on multiple models, I would think they take a single hit given the word "instead" in the description but it is always nice to get a consensus.

8) Promethium pipes would grant D-Scythes torrent correct? it seems but and past but the D-Scythes are not using Promethium. Would the Torrent ability the pipes grant also work with Template Psy powers?

9) I think I have already asked this once before, but if a IC joins a Ranger or Pathfinder squad can they arrive using the special rules for Illyic Nightspear? Normally I would say no but when they join a Squad they become apart of it for rules purposes and I would like to double check others opinions.

10) Can a IC who grants Infiltrate to a squad without it, deploy/infiltrate with the squad?

11) If another IC who has Infiltrate joins up with Illyic Nightspear can they deploy using his special "anywhere infiltrate"? Or are they stuck following the default rules, this would also be the same question if illyic joins a squad who has infiltrate.

12) Am I correct in assuming when using a Fortress of Redemption's Krakstorm/Fragstorm missile launcher you can never draw LOS to a target since the weapons are in a little alcove? It has no barrel to draw LOS from just some missiles sticking up.

13) To get the re-roll to wound and armor pen with Templates am I correct in assuming they have to be given the ability to "Twin-Link" and not simply a re-roll to hit?

14) When using a Tau Suit model with the Counterfire Defense system that grants you BS 2 for Overwatch, does this also apply to any Drones with the model assuming the Suit has a Drone controller? The Drone controller says the drones fire with the same BS.

15) Do models with a Drone Controller and Skyfire allow any attached drones to fire at Flyers at the Suit models BS>?

16) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

17) Pain tokens are not shared with models that do not have the Power from pain rule. is a pain token generated if a attached IC kills an enemy unit. As an example lets say you have a Farseer attached to a squad of whatever Dark Eldar codex unit with the Pain token rule. The Farseer then shoots, or Mind War's, or Psy Screams or whatever, and the Dark Eldar unit either cannot shoot or you choose not to. Since he is attached to the unit and is considered a part of the unit for all rules purposes would he then generate a token for the unit despite not having the rule himself?

18) If you have a model that modifies the Seize roll or the roll to go first and that model is an attached allied unit, does the whole army get the rule? As an example lets say you have Mr. Vect allied into a Craftworld Eldar army. Do you continue to Seize on a 4+? Or perhaps you have Mr. Vect allied into a Farsight Enclave army with the Micro Codex, do you then Seize on a 3+? (I know reserve modifiers do not carry between)

19) Allied units cannot go through a Primary detachment Dark Eldar's Webway portal, in other words you cannot have a Wraithlord come out of a Webway portal if they are allies. The FAQ however does not prevent a primary detachment from using a Allied Dark Eldar webway portal. Is this correct>?

20) One of the Etherial's powers is to grant all allied Tau units a 6+ FNP roll, if you have an attacked Eldar or Space marine IC in a Tau unit do they also get a 6+ FNP as they are considered to be a part of the unit for all intents and purposes?

21) It seems obvious but I want to again confirm a battle brother IC can join a Riptide as he is not always a solo unit (he can take drones to form a squad) In otherwords can you have a Farseer or Space Marine Chapter Master join the Riptide?

22) Can buildings buy multiple void shields? I cannot find anything in the Stronghold Assault book that would indicate anything other than an actual Void Shield Array or battery can buy up to three. I saw a Battle report where a space marine player had multiple void shields on an Aquila strongpoint (it is a multi part building). His poor opponent could do nothing with 6 shields protecting it but I cannot find anything to say otherwise. Am I missing something?

23) Can Walkers use Gun Emplacements now that vehicles cannot use them?

24) Can you Fast Shot thrown Grenades?

25) When Fuegann the Burning Lance loses wounds and regains them later does he keep his +1 Attacks and Str from losing them in the first place. I would imagine so but it never hurts to ask.

26) When Baharroth the Cry of the Wind deepstrikes, does his Sun's Brilliance rule apply even to models that are not in LOS. it simply says units within 6' but does not clarify.

27) If a model "counts as" being armed with a particular grenade, can you shoot and use that grenade in CC despite you not actually having it? Specifically the Shadowseer carries Hallucinogen Grenades which makes his whole unit "count as" having Plasma grenades.

28) Since the Quicken power is a Blessing, am I correct in assuming if you multi cast this (with multiple psykers) you stack the +3 run speed? So if you do this 10 times you can run 30+1d6 inches?

29) Can a unit who is embarked but within the range for a Skyfire node (the transport is within range) would they gain the Skyfire rule>?

30) If a enemy unit with Split fire shoots at a unit under the effect of Veil of Tears (craftworld version) and is NOT within range that the power dictates can the model who is using the Split Fire rule still shoot?

31) If a farseer (in this example) joins a unit containing Darkstrider from the Tau Codex who’s Rad Grenades special rule reduces the enemy toughness by -1, would a witchfire power also gain that bonus?

32) if a bought Gun Emplacement (quad gun etc etc) that is currently claimed and is the first thing to die turn 1, does this grant a kill point, or do only models bought from your codex count? Same for Buildings.

33) In the Eldar codex the Vyper and Falcon can exchance a Shuriken Cannon for other wepaons. If you replace the Underslung Shuriken Catapult can you then exchange both of your Shuriken Cannons for a another weapon. Example, I pay to upgrade my Catapults to a Cannon. I now have two cannons, I am then able to trade a cannon for another weapon (say a Scatter Laser), can I now buy two Scatter Lasers. RAW is a tricky thing


34) Using a Fortress of Redemption in this specific case, I know I can enter the building through a bottom floor door and exit onto any of the battlement access points, all in a single move (page 95), however once I am on the battlements can I then elect to leap down following the normal rule for impact tests. The Leap Down option does not say it takes up any action or move, it is something something a unit can choose to do if near the edge of a battlement. If this is correct I can essentially get a unit to move upwards of 30' in one turn, of course with the possibility of getting hurt through impact.

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3) I'm aware that spells can no longer be cast out of tanks but can a model with a Warlord trait still grant the ability to models around the Tank? Example, The Eldar have a Warlord trait that grants Stealth for a single turn to all models within 12'. Would this apply if the Warlord is embarked without firing ports.
I'm not useful enough to answer your question, but I can at least add this about being able to manifest witchfire powers in a transport:

Q: Can Psykers use a Transport’s Fire Point(s) to manifest
powers that require line of sight whilst still embarked? (p78)

A: No. Note, however, that witchfire powers specifically allow
you to do so and are the one exception to this rule.
16) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
A-one. A-two. A-three. *crunch* Three.

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My that's a lot of questions. I'll answer what I can now, and consult my elder book when I get home for more. I do love a good rules hunt, but there are just too many here for me to tackle in one session. Okay, here we go.

1) Yes, it basically acts like an additional ranged weapon and follows the rules for More Than One Weapon on pg. 51 of the BRB.

2) only if he is in b2b with more than one gun encampment (very unlikely).

3) As long as the ability doesn't require LoS, the special ability still functions, measured from the vehicle's hull.

4) no. Grenades have their own section in the wargear which means they are not melee weapons or ranged weapons, they are grenades, which can be used as melee weapons or ranged weapons.

5) Both jump troops and MCs gain the Hammer of Wrath rule, so yes, a Jump MC definitely gets to use Hammer of Wrath, regardless of how he moves.

6) Unless the ability explicitly targets the psyker or requires LoS, these abilities a will affect an embarked psyker, measuring range from the vehicle's hull, similar to the warlord traits question above.

9) only IC's that have infiltrate can join the ranger unit for deployment purposes. But if that is the case, then yes, they can deploy using illic's deployment rules.

10) yes.

11) no, illic's special deployment only allows him to deploy that way.

12) yes, they cannot draw line of sight, so you'll never get to subtract the firer's BS when scattering the shot.

13) yes.

14) no. The drones inherit the suits BS, but snap shots makes you count as being BS 1, regardless of what it normally is. So, even though the suit gets to overwatch on BS 2, drones do not get this ability. They are still inheriting the suits normal BS, and then snap shorting so they are at BS 1.

15) no, same reason as above. Unless the drones themselves have sky fire, they will be using snap shots.

16) I've never made it without biting.

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I wrote all this out and lost it because my login timed out,so here's the short version. I can go into more detail later if you wish.

17) yes, this is covered in the DE FAQ.

18) yes to all, seize the initiative rolls aren't restricted like the reserves rolls are.

19) no, only DE can use the webway portal, regardless of if they are the primary or allied attachment.

20) yes.

21) no IC can ever join a riptide, as it is a unit of 1. Even though the drones are physically represented on the battlefield, they are still just wargear upgrades for the single model unit.

23) no

24) no

25) yes

26) yes

27) no, pg. 61 of the BRB states that unless specifically stated in their rules, unusual grenades cannot be thrown or used in CC.

28) no, only the effects of different blessings stack, multiple instances of the same blessing do not.

30) first off, the single split firing model shoots first, but if he shot at the veiled unit and was out of range, the rest of the unit would have to forfeit their shooting for the turn.

31) yes

32) no, only destroyed units grant the First Blood VP.

33) no, vehicle upgrades are done by weapon location, not by weapon.

34) true, the rules don't say that jumping off a building is movement, but you'd probably have a hard time trying to get a TO to rule it that way. Since the models are physically moving, it's hard to argue that it's not movement.

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Small bump, some of my responses forthcoming at a later date. Thanks for Answering so far!

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#7 I'm thinking this should really be the number of hits scored on the unit, then get applied to the void shields. You must first hit the unit, the only way to know how many hits get scored on the unit to be intercepted is to put the marker over the unit and count the models. so if a blast gets 5 models, it's 5 hits transferred to the shields. It then tells you any hits left over after the shields collapse get put back on the unit.

but of course this is a highly debated topic and it could go either way if it ever get's an FAQ.

16. Three

It's like if you shoot one assault 10 weapon, and score 5 hits. those 5 hits get intercepted by the shield, then put back onto the unit if any wounds get through.
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