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Playing High Elves now for some years (althoug the last 2 years I haven't played yet) I would be pleased if I could get some advice of some experienced players.
My next battle will only be in two monthes on a tournament with some friends in my local store.

My old armylist was the following:


Archmage lvl 3 with book of Hoeth: 335


Dragonmage, lvl2 with staff of solidity and 1 dispel scroll: 425
Hero with 2handed sword, Dragon Armor, Shield and ring of fury: 141


2 x 20 Spearmen, with full command: 410
2 x 10 Archers: 110


12 Swordmasters, musician and standard bearer: 225
6 Shadowwarriors: 96
10 Dragonprinces of Caledor with full Command: 350
(Can also be split in 2 units of 5)
1 Chariot of Chrace : 140


2 x 1 RBT: 200

The total is 2402 points.

My actual problem is that with the new rules I don't know what to do with this list. Which hero shall be taken beside. Normally I would opt for the Dragonmage and the Archmage. The Archmage could be changed into a hero on griffin, 1 or 2 bancaddies and eventually a BSB (which in my opinion is a kind of must for battles over 2k points.
I can't really decide what to do.
The cause that i haven't yet deleted the Dragonmage is that I like his look on the table :)
I was also thinking of taking eventually some LSG.

THanks for your advice.

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Thanks for the reply :) And yes ^^
With the old rules I played my army like a citizen host. The chariot supported my Spearmen, The archers shot on big units, Swordmasters were used against other elite troops, shadow warriors to hun warmachines etc.
I also had in mind to make the swordmasters a unit of 20.

But with the new rules I unfortunately have no plan for the moment.

With my hero I agree, I could easily make of him a BSB, with would be more useful.
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