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Archmage lvl 3 with book of Hoeth: 335
Is alright, but could really do with being level 4.


Dragonmage, lvl2 with staff of solidity and 1 dispel scroll: 425
Hero with 2handed sword, Dragon Armor, Shield and ring of fury: 141
Not sure what the role of the Ring of Fury hero is. He doesn't have a magic weapon/armour so won't do well in challenges, and is a bit expensive just to carry the ring around.


2 x 20 Spearmen, with full command: 410
2 x 10 Archers: 110
You could save a fistful of points by folding these units into each other to create 60 Sea Guard, that way you pay 13 points for a spearmen with a bow rather than 20 for one guy with a bow and one with a spear.


12 Swordmasters, musician and standard bearer: 225
6 Shadowwarriors: 96
10 Dragonprinces of Caledor with full Command: 350
(Can also be split in 2 units of 5)
1 Chariot of Chrace : 140
I'm not amazingly sold on 10 Dragon princes, but their immunity to Lore of Metal makes them much better than other heavy cav out there, so might be worth taking for that reason. If you could find the points to mount a hero to add to this unit, I'd do it, probably a BSB.

I'm also not sure about the value of 1 chariot... I guess the Dragon Princes wil be taking most of the fire people normally throw at it, so it might work.

And be careful with those 12 Swordmasters, if you fight a unit of more than 20 models with them then expect to lose eventually due to the new step up rules.

I'm guessing your tactic is a citizen levy center with a chariot on one side and Swordmasters on another, with flanking cavalry and Dragon?
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