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Ok i have an ork army and i cant figure out what to do with it or how to set it up every time i try a list it fails to work so i need some help, i have lost 8 in a row and it needs to stop sometime. i would like to find a good list to try before this sunday since i will be playing then. Here is what i have.

playing style for tournament, friendly, use only. mostly friendly

grand total is 4,366pts to play with. I have a lot of options just not sure how to put a domainat list together. this list is what i have or how i have some stuff set up most things can be mixed and matched like the kommandos can be extra slugga boys if need be. or Nobz being Mega Nobz or so on.
This is also my first time posting so please bare with me thanks.

HQ: Zogwart- 145pts
Warphead- 85pts
Warboss- 85pts
big choppa,twinlinked shoota,cybork body, eavy armour
Wazdakka Gutsmek-180pts
Big Mek- 110pts
Shock attack gun, cybork body, eavy armour
Big Mek- 85pts
kustom force field
Elites: 15 Nobz- 600pts
6 power claws, 3 waaagh banners, eavy armour, a twin linked shoota, 5 big choppas,
14 Burna Boys-210pts
15 Kommandos-235pts
Led by Boss Snikrot, 2 big shootas
4 Lootas-60pts
11 Tankbustas- 175pts
2 bomb squigs
Troops: 30 shoota boys-185pts
1 big shoota
47 slugga boys- 282pts
Fast Attack: 5 buggies- 150pts
12 warbikers-315pts
Nobz, big choppa
Led by Boss Zagstruk
Heavy Support: Battle Wagon-130pts
Zzap Gun, 4 big shootas, grot riggers
Battle Wagon-205pts
killerkannon,grot riggers,kannon,4 rokkit launchas
3 Looted Wagons-330pts
3 boomguns, and grot riggers
3 killer kans-155pts
2 rokkits, 1 scorcha,grot riggers
3 killer kans-165pts
1 scorcha,grot riggers,2 kustom mega blastas
3 killer kans-180pts
3 kustom mega blastas, grot riggers
Others: 3 Trucks-130pts
grot riggers, 1 wrecking ball
1 mek N\Apts
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