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maybe this can help u (i sead maybe!)

first you need some copper wire
cut it a bit longer as the spine shull be.

then role a piece of green stuff together that it looks lie a long snake (dont make it to thick nor to thin!)

now tHAT the most important part : you know that a human spine is made up of little vertebra(i think you call them like that) parts.

cut the green stuff into little cubes and make them a little bit cube like.

then push these little cubes through the copper wire and let some space betweeb every one of them (only a little!)

just add some details and it shouöd look quite similar to human spine!:biggrin:

(this effords really allot of practise with green stuff. i had to redo the spine with my friend a few time untill it looked really good, so dont get frustrated when the spine doesnt look so good the first time:grin:

hopefully you gen get on with may weird decripton :biggrin:!
it would be great if you could send me a pic when its finished!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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