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Need help with Necron Monolith

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Okay to make this as simple to explain as possible:
I'm currently in a game (on hold) against a Necron player... we are both pretty new to the rules (him especially)... anyway in the 3rd turn he pulls out the phasing a unit back to the entrance of the monolith...

My problem/question is: according to the rules, or at least our feeble attempts to understand them, not only was he able to move his 3 warriors, but he was able to bring back all the warriors I had killed (and failed thier "We'll be back" roll) in the previous 2 turns by giving them brand new "We'll be Back" Rolls :shok: :ireful2: ... Is this the correct interpretation of the rule... please God tell me it's not!

Thanks to all who help out! :victory:
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'Necrons' that fail their WBB are removed from the table unless there is a Monolith to bring them through that turn. If they are not brought through a Monolith during that turn's movement phase then they are removed from the table.

Models that are removed from the table do NOT roll WBB, and therefore can not re-roll WBB.

Hope that helps.
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