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Hi, I'm going to play my first game of WFB on Thursday and have put together the following list....

■Skink Priest w/ Lvl 2 upgrade + PLaque of Tepok
■Skink Priest w/ Lvl 2 ugrade + Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
■9 Chameleon Skinks
■10 Chameleon Skinks
■2 Salamander Hunting Packs
■2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers
■2 x 18 Saurus Warriors with spears + standard and musician

I would really appreciate any feedbacks / sugguestions as this will be my first WFB game ever....

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For your first game I would concentrate on saurus over skinks- get some solid blocks for you to play with. I would also cut one of the skink priests- you never really need more hten 1 now (the difference between 1 Lv2 and 2 Lv2s is tiny in 8th).
I would also cut yourself down to 5-8 chameleon skinks- they are a good disruption unit, but rarely kill much.

Basically you want 1 mage, a bit of diversion from skinks/cameleons with 2-3 saurus blocks and a bit of support from salamanders.

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Tim is correct. That is too many chameleons (unless you are facing a gunline). Chameleons= war machine hunters. Drop the unit of 9 chameleons. If you want to keep the other 10, split them into two units of 5. In 8th, the chameleon is a very dangerous war machine hunter. You can still march and shoot (outside of short range) auto wounding on 6s. The chameleons are the ultimate harassers. Your opponent will be forced to deal with them on the first turn. You should drop a unit of skirmishers and add some saurus to that unit (I would probably make it 24 or so). You could also drop a priest and add a scar vet to the saurus. As salamanders are really good this edition, I would consider adding one more and adding the extra handler (snack).
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