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Just a few pointers here. Don't use TH/SS termys. They really suck in our codex, you only get a 4++ in combat. Belial is better off with 2xLC, give him an extra attack at I5. I would choose the apoth. or the standard bearer. They contradict each other, Apoth only works when not in combat and the standard gives you extra attacks. Pick the one that suits the squad and save some points. Sammael should be in his av14 speeder. For some reason he isn't an independent character so he can't join anyones squad on his bike. The apoth. on a bike is cool because he doesn't need to be in a squad to save someone. he becomes a little turbo boosting ambulance. Always get the attack bike. They are well worth their points with a multi-melta. Great cheap distractions. Turbo-boost and park next to the most expensive tank in your opponents army and watch his head spin as he tries everything to kill your 50 pt expendable bike. I killed many land raiders with these bad boys. Last is your speeders. DA typhoon missile launchers aren't worth it and with melta too the speeder doesn't know if it wants to get close or stay away. Personally i like melta/flamer speeders. Pop transports and toast the contents. I use them and the AC/HB speeders that you get with ravenwing bike squads. Why use them you ask. With Sammael in your army they are scoring units. The only scoring vehicles in 40k that I know of. Thats just the few tips i got at first glance. Take them into account and figure some exact points and we can fine tune a good list.
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