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im getting in a 1750 point tourney this weekend and cant choose what to play and was looking for a little help heres what i got.

24 khorne berzerkers
1 vindi
1 defiler
4 oblits
10 csm 1 has a hvy bolter
one blast master and 1 sonic emitter for noise marines
1 dp
2 rhinos
3 bikes with 3 plasma rifles
6 termies
5 raptors and one chaos lord with wings

so far ive been thinking two 8 man khorne squads in rhinos a mark of nurgle dp with warptime and wings as my hq 2 squads of 2 oblits my defiler the raptors with the raptor lord and 5 deep striking termis havent done the math yet but that should be under 1750. any help on what i should take is welcome i dont rly know what armys ill be playing against there
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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