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While two dreadnoughts may seem overwhelming, they are rather slow, and represent a sizable chunk of a 1000 point army. Points are at a bit of a premium, so I'd take missile launchers instead of lascannons-- they're nearly as powerful and against armor 12 the difference is pretty negligable. No need to have a Devastator squad-- just give one to a pair of tactical squads. They don't even need to be 10-strong... in fact, five-man fire teams will probably do it.

I'd consider using Trust Your Battle Brothers as a trait, if you're not playing to any specific fluff. Taking an HQ of any sort on foot to lead a couple tactical squads armed for middle-range shooting (so perhaps a heavy bolter and plasma rifle in each, or, since you've only got a single heavy bolter, a multi-melta in one and a heavy bolter in the other) with True Grit will give you a solid and flexibile core which will be an even match for an assault marine in close combat, but will have the edge shooting them on the way in. Distribute power fists to your sergeants.

Keep in mind that ultimately, you're not fighting much armor, and if you can shred his infantry, he's pretty much done. There isn't much in the way of models on his side-- you really just have to focus on those Assault Marines, and having things like a Destructor to rain fire upon them helps. It sounds odd, but it's better to make a Space Marine take three armor saves than it is to shoot him with an anti-tank weapon outright, since anti-infantry weapons sometimes do more than one casualty to Space Marines, and you can pretty much bank on at least failing one of three armor saves, so you're getting the same effect with possible higher returns than a lascannon.

I'd give something to this effect a try:

1000 Points Astartes
Traits: Trust Your Battle Brothers, any disadvantage you feel like

-Captain armed with a master-crafted power weapon and plasma pistol, terminator honors, combat shield, meltabombs

-No selections

-5-strong Tactical Squad. Missile launcher.
-5-strong Tactical Squad. Missile launcher.
-10-strong Tactical Squad. The Sergeant is armed with a power fist. One plasma rifle, one multi-melta.
-10-strong Tactical Squad. The Sergeant is armed with a power fist. One plasma rifle, one heavy bolter.
-6 Scout Snipers. One with a heavy bolter.

Fast Attack/
No selections

Heavy Support/
Predator Destructor with extra armour, pintle storm bolter, heavy bolter sponsons
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