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your man threat is the assault marines, a 10 man squad led by chaplain in 1000pts has the potential to rip right through an army if things go well. Either countercharge or shoot the crap out of them. A libby with might of hero's could do well[on bike] to run in and chop through half the unit before they even strike back. taking plasma cannons would force him to spread the unit out more than usual allows him to easily do this. Vindicators are another thing that could work well. 1 well placed shot and thats a dead squad, plus str10 ap1 is pretty good vs dreds too :)
Nother one to go for could be your terminators. I'd lead them with a libby with familar, who's job is to kill the chaplain, and the termies can rip the squad to pieces.

What hvy weapons does he use in his squads and on the dreds? my guess lascannons and assault cannons?

Overall though i dont think lists win games but how there used. If he's sticking to this game in game out you should get a feel for how he's usingthem and get an idea of how to counter them. Do the assault marines hang back to counter charge while the guns take there toll? Do they fly foarward full tilt to engage the enemy at the earliest oppertunity? or is he cautious with them, looking for ways of moving them forwards whilst keeping them hidden. Do the dreds march forwards to support the assault marines or do they hang back to protect the gunline???
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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