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I have access to:
plenty of HQ all 3 types and cammand squads
3 dreadnoughts
a combat veteran squad
8 assault terminators
5 terminators 2 assault cannons
8 scouts 6 snipers a heavy bolter and a sgt
18 bolter armed tacxtical marines
2 lasccan marines
1 heavy bolter
1 multi-melta
1 plasma cannon
4 models which could be used as sgts
2 plasma guns
2 melta guns
3 bikes 1 plasma gun 1 melta gun and sgt
2 attack bikes 1 multi-melta
2 predators 1 lasconed up and 1 autocann and heavy bolter sponsons
1 land raider

a good thing to do would be to put your assault terminators in a beefed up land raider. Use them to take down the assault and tactical marines. to back them up, use the scouts with the snipers and the heavy bolter. use the lascannons to take out the dreads and back them up with the meltaguns. then take out the chaplain with your dreads.:eek:k:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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