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Need Help Picking an HQ

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Working on a 1000 pt army. Right now I have about 850 points which can be slightly increased or decreased depending how many wyches I want to use. All these squads are cookie cutter perfect but I don't know what to do with my HQ so that it will bring in the points that it's worth. Please help!

x2 Ravangers x3 dissy

x2 10 warriors
2 splinter cannons
sybarite w/ poison

x2 raider
5 warriors
dark lance

7 wyches
sybarite w/ agonizer

The 10 man squads will jump on the raiders first turn and "make it rain" :grin:.
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Dracon with Shadowfield, Agoniser and splinter pistol. Thats 81 points.
Second that.
Yea but it's not as easy as that. Because now I'm left with around 70 points. That won't buy me another squad.

If I buy another independent character to put in my wyche squad (plus the dracon), that raider will get blown up so freaking fast, I'll blink and miss it.
I'm in a bind.

What about another Ravanger with all Dark Lances and a normal Hami with hands and destructor? That comes out to exactly 150.
Expand your five man squad to a ten man squad. Maybe give the Drachon Haywire Grenades if you have the points.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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