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Need help painting the legion of ever blight

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I started a heverblight army for hordes and i was wonder in if some oneone could help me with painting the flesh on the everblight models
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They're tricky to get right being White and I can't say any of my ideas will help you at all because I'm dreadful at painting White at the best of times.

The only way I can think of would be Skull White basecoat with a black wash and highlight Skull White.

Or you could start with black and highlight Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey and then keep adding White for each extra highlight untill it's a pure Skull White highlight for the final highlight.

But you might want to see what other people say who actually have decent experience with White skintones, because as I say, I tend to avoid painting White :p
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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