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So I bought some Kataphron servitors with the idea that I would use the upper torso section to make some 'jokero' proxies - basically floating servitors with two heavy weapons...

I had the idea of using guitar string to extend the bottom of the torso into prehensile mechandrites (to use the grabby claws and the like in the GW box on the end). The problem i have is that they are horrendous to work with and have basically lacerated my fingers when ive cut them. I'm not a musical chap, so have only ever bought string for this purpose and not paid too much attention to them previously.

Does anyone have any tips, hints, alternatives of assistance they can provide?

I did look at getting one of the green stuff rollers, but cant find one within the UK, and to get one shipped ends up costing more in P&P than the actual roller.


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Alternatively, I'd love to see someone do this with one of those 3D printing pens...
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