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Hello, steveh here and I am new to the forum. I have several questions and need expert guidance.
I currently have a 3,850point army.... and in my mind it's incomplete.. I will list my army starting at the top
1- army captain/chapter master
2- predator tanks
1- land raider redeemer
1- storm raven
1- storm talon..... (home made)
3- troop drop pods.... (home made)
1- dreadnaught drop pod..... (home made)
2- weapons platform drop pods... (home made)
1- heavy assault dreadnaught or what I call "mini titan" w jump pack... (kit bashed)
4- tactical sqds. Of 10ea
3- assault sqds. Of 10ea
2- terminator sqds. Of 10each
1- sqd of 10 scout snipers....
I want to add another sqd of terminator, and scouts and one of devistators... this should make an even company of 3 platoons = 150 men...
Now originally I was going for black ravens for my chapter... but I like the dark angels too now and they philosophy of lightning fast attacks and speed I like.... so I'm leaning towards them now or an amalgamation of both... any help or advice I s gratefully appreciated..... I'd love to add some bikes and speeders...

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Welcome to Heresy! It would help to craft a list if you had a specific points limit in mind, and posted what units you would want to have in your army in addition to listing your whole collection. Another big helping point would be to let us know what heavy/special weapons you have modeled already so we don't go suggesting a ton of stuff you have to proxy if that's an issue. It gives us a bit of a better idea on what sort of final product you had in mind. It would be very easy to make multiple Chapters out of your collection, I did the same with my too-large (as if that's a thing) Blood Angel collection when the 6th ed. Space Marine Codex came out. Now I have an Imperial Fist army with all the Tactical marines I never really used in my Blood Angel lists.

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Welcome aboard! :good:

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point break down

My terminator sqds are the most expensive... they cost more than my armor...
Death dealer squad- 400 points.... equipped w power fIst, storm bolted, storm shield, thunder hammer, and lightning claws....
Flesh ripper sqd- 485 points also equipped similarly w the exception of 2 missile launchers...
Shadow sqd- scout snipers- 130 points
4 snipers
1 missile launcher
3 bolsters
1 heavy bolted
1 bolt pistol....
Death walker-dreadnaught- 125 points
1 flamed
1hunter killer missile
1 assault cannon
1 las cannon
1 jump pack equipped....
Assault sqd x3- 220 each..
Standard load per astartis codex...
Hammer of God-dreadnaught- 105 points
1 flanker
1 auto cannon
1 power claw/fIst
Night hammer- storm raven- 230points
1 missile launcher x2
Twin las cannon
Twin heavy bolted
1 hurricane bolted
Machine spirit
Sky's of fury
Personnel drop pods x3 @ 30points each
1- dreadnaught drop pod @30points
1-weapons platform drop pod (death wind launcher ) 50 points
1- weapons platform drop pod (assault cannon) 50 points
1- night wing storm talon 200 points
Frag missiles
Twin linked assault cannon
1-land raider crusader 265points
1-twin linked assault cannon
2- twin linked hurricane bolters
1- predator annihilator 145points
Dual las cannon
Side sponson las cannon
Smoke dispenser
1- predator destructor 135 points
1 auto cannon
Side sponson las cannon
Storm bolter
Smoke dispenser
1- think @50 points
1-storm bolter
Smoke dispenser
4-space marine tactical sqds... @150 points each...
Standard tact load out...
1- chapter captain @ 60points
1 bolt pistol
1- power sword...

Ok.. this is my army list... I normally do not use all o f these when I'm playing... it depends on the opponent,
The points allowed, the terrain, a nd mission objectives... I'm a huge fan of flexibility, and fire power...
I also have a special forces mentality too, sometimes less is better.... overcome, adapt... etc...
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