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Need a signature?

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Hey guys,
I am pretty experienced with photoshop. If anyone needs a sig, I would happily make it :D

Please, when requesting a sig, try to give me something to work with - Not just an "Whatever u wnt, i just need 1." Please, if you have any images you think would be good stocks, just post them up ^^

Here is some of my work: (Not all WH related, but this is one of the reasons I want to do this - Never really done much with warhammer sigwise).

(I despise Hollywood undead, it was a request. My next pics explain fully where my loyalties rest ;D )

I also do avatars ;D

So please :) Request away ^^
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Good looking stuff, I'll be shopping around for a possible new avatar...
What are you looking for :)
I will happily make one
Hey :) I'm pretty impressed with your work, and may request something, soon, m'kay?
Ok, request away and I will happily make one ^^

Also, if anyone's wondering why a few say not-a-tad-bad, it's because that's my other name on some forums, and my PSN - I'm in a clan, where all of these sigs were made. www.veritasgaminghq.com
They look pretty damn professional. Good work. I've never requested a sig before, might come up with something soon.
Hi Mate, liking your work a lot, especially the lighting :victory:

I dabble in PS a little bit, and i've done quite a few sigs, but i haven't managed to pull off one of my ideas properly yet for my own sig.

Basically i'd like a Space marine flamer, which looks as if it's encased in a glass fronted box, with the words:



on the glass itself.

Reckon you are upto the challenge?

If not, just some tips on how to do it would be appreciated as i'm always looking to learn.
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Do you have a picture of a flamer that I could use? Like a side on view
Well i've found this:


But i wanted to make it a bit more gritty and realistic.

there's some very nice ones modellled onto minis, but the model's hands get in the way.
I can easily edit those out via the pen tool, may look messy.

I'll have a crack at your sig now :)
was up natb, i see your shop it getting under way! remember im always here if you need me!
If Possible I would like a signiture incorporating an image of a chaplain, Specifically one similar to this

With the words "High Chaplain
Matt "Lethiathan" Denton
Crimson Fists 3rd Company
"Till Death Do us Part" "

If at all possible. Also is there a charge?

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hey i like your work and if its not to hard id like a sig made.

id like an action shot of a xv8 crisis battlesuit landing(from a jump) feet first on a space marines chest while firing its burst cannon(minigun model) into its chest with the blood splatter and firing at another space marine in the distance with the fusion blaster like on a desert battlefield with a smokey/blue sky.
With my name (Shaddurak) in the bottem left in blood red.
and the words "The Greater Good spreads" above my name in the same colour
when your not busy can you make me a sig.im wanting the guy dow here.....

....with this colour scheme......

....in front of this background....

.... with the words "the phalanx will fall, and Dorns line end.We will make sure of this,in the grandfathers name." some where on it. and maybe a small nurgle symbol in the corner
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