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need a guy from the u.s.a! medic marine you there?

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Hi im from the united kingdom but i want to buy some airsofting guns! they'll only deliver to people in u.s.a could some one get them delievered to there house and send em to me!

you have to be in the u.s.a i will pay for everything!

and medic marine if you do this i will happily give you cadians free of charge :laugh: as payment for postage and doing for me also give some rep to anyone who does this! thanks guys post please!
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Why don't you just buy them from a retailer in the UK?
the rules and regulations make buying airsoft in the UK as close to impossible as it can be, its all the chavs fault, ruining it for everyone else.
It's not as impossible as you make it out to be. All I needed was to join the club and play 3 games and I was automatically made a registered UKARA member able to buy guns whenever I want.
thats great IF you have somewhere to go, round here there used to be 3 places you could airsoft (nothing massive mind), after the law changed all 3 places closed or vanished, and lots more across the entire UK did too, or just got too small to be worth joining, like I say, all because of a moronic few ruining it all for those of us with a higher HQ than a rock and common sense enough to be sensible.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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