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need a guy from the u.s.a! medic marine you there?

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Hi im from the united kingdom but i want to buy some airsofting guns! they'll only deliver to people in u.s.a could some one get them delievered to there house and send em to me!

you have to be in the u.s.a i will pay for everything!

and medic marine if you do this i will happily give you cadians free of charge :laugh: as payment for postage and doing for me also give some rep to anyone who does this! thanks guys post please!
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lol, the reason you cant get the one you want over here is because i don't think it would be legal over here.
Pretty sure they are to powerful to be covered by the air rifle limits

Posting in no way would be a good idea as they would confiscate, the only option you would have is in Europe.

this site does sell a selection, but i dont think it would be the full range
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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