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If you want to play soul harvesting automatons of the future this is the army for you.


A race older than the Eldar, once looking for a way to extend there shortened lives (due to the radiation from neighboring astral body's). They were tricked by Gods older and once more powerful then the chaos gods themselves, trapping them in a metal coffin of a body with the promise of immortality. Thus the Necrons were born forced to harvest souls for a eternity.

Necrons are usually led into battle by what is known as a necron lord these along with immortals were among the first to relinquish there frail fleshy body's for a far superior robotic one. Necrons are extremely resilient where there most basic unit can come back from the dead when the requirements are met.

Necrons are worshiped by the gods known collectively as the ctan, currently there are only two alive and one is rumored to be trapped in the adeptus mechanicus home world of Mars. The ones that are currently alive are the Deceiver and the Night Bringer, the Decevier is known for his trickery and is mostly responsible for the death's of the rest of the C'tan save the Night Bringer.

Playing Necrons

Necrons are a army that you want to keep squashed together to get the most out of them. Necrons where kind of screwed over but not entirely as glances can no longer blow up Vehicles, they still have tank busting power but it all lies on the monoliths and heavy destroyers. One of the plus sides with Necrons is with them you can essentially have feel no pain on all your troop choices and if a resurrection orb is around they get even better. Necrons don't have as many competitive lists as other army's due to there elite and heavy support cost not doing what there worth. One of my favorite things about Necrons is the fact you can field a god in your army I mean who wouldn't love doing that.

For beginners this is a okay army to start with except you won't learn that much about fielding psykers or assaulting. These guys are cheaper to collect since they are points heavy for a small amount. Also the first time player will most likely get confused about the We'll be back ( lol I AM THE TERMINATOR :threaten:) and phase out rule.


Necrons sole troop choice is plastic along with the monoliths. The only problem I would have with there models is nearly all there elites and heavy support (HQ's to) are blisters, which can really run up the price of a army.
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