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The Anubitekh Dynasty, a small dynasty, yet boasting a Phaeron. Only a handful of tomb worlds, yet dominating an entire sector. Never of great political importance to the Necron Empire, yet always making decisions of great severity.

Some of the finest Crypteks herald from the Anubitekh worlds, once centers of trade and art. Affluent in the extremes and staunch supporters of the Triarch Councle, the Anubitekh are in part responsable for the architectural appearence of many Necron structures, and for the efforts put forth into making Bio-Transference a reality.

With their great wealth, they were fully capable and able to perchase only the best bodies for their ruling elite and Immortals. Even the common man recieved a chasis far superior to most fielded by the other Dynasties, so condenced and focused was their wealth on such a small population. As such, they do not field Warriors as we know them, instead, these are co-opted platforms, stollen or captured from conquered Tomb Worlds of other Dynasties.

To the artisans, went advanced bodies on par with most Immortals. The bare sufficient, and able to hold their mental abilities while just being enough. Impacted it may be, they are still an ember of creativity, however stagnant, in the Necron Dynasties, and as such are often loaned out on good faith to improve relations. This makes up for their lackluster number of troops and insufficient resources to truly mount a conquest of grand enough scale to make them a military threat. As it stands, they are just powerful enough to be avoided.

Favoring plates of ceramic white atop their metallic chassis, with accents of blue, their red eyes and unique gauss weapons stand out in the 41st millennium as wholly separate from the standard fair.

The current Phaeron, both a Destroyer and leader of his Dynasty, began as a simple Lord. The large numbers of cognizant and fully aware Necrons lead to a far higher rate of Destroyer conversions. This not only depleted an already weakened Dynasty, but caused a secondary problem, of hordes of Destroyers eager to cleanse all life.

Not long after awaking, Master of the Lychguard Kothopsies began to augment his body. Cold calculous was always present in his mind, no room for himself. And while the Destroyer Madness took him deeper into self-perfection, a failure in stasis enflamed, and so too did his ego grow to bombastic proportions. And so, kept in check by his own admiration of his perfection, he went further than any Destroyer Lord had gone before.

Exiled, he continued to scrounge and augment, ripping apart Canoptek Spyders and wraiths, disseminating Human, Tau and Eldar architecture alike, looking into something only he could see, some clue into the driving force behind the mortal races drives to build. When he found it, and indeed he found it, his psyche fused its two warring sides, his ego exploding into dominance, matched in equal measure by an emotionless directive to destroy. He did not resemble in the slightest the Lychguard that had stood beside his Phaeron not long ago.

And so, armed with a massive cannon that replaced his once-proud right arm that had cleaved tanks in two, he stormed the Palace of the ruling Overlord, and in a matter of hours ripped the Overlord in two. Rather than phase out or self destruct, the severed skull, still fully aware and active, remained in Kothopsies clutch.

"With this trophy, I assert my right to rule." was all he said, and with the Destroyer Courts at his back, he stood unapposed. Now mounted on his chassis as a tropheu, the old Overlord occasionally snips at his jailer in a small measure of rebellion.

What the Anubitekh lack in numbers, they more than flaunt in elite shock-troops and peerless Immortals. All members of the Dynasty are augmented and supplicated with advanced heads that increase their range and detection abilities. While having only a single cyclopean eye, they have large dishes packed with top-of-the-line detection and range finding equipment and software. Indeed, Destroyers form the metallic fist of a rock-solid wall of Immortals, further bolstered by the ever-loved Triarch Praetorians and their impressive Stalkers.

The largest contradiction among the Anubitekh, and one of their most astounding ones, is the host of still-populated alien worlds they control. Destroyer-Phaeron Kothopsies, for all his disgust with Non-Necrons, and life as a whole, is farther displeased with the works of art crafted by his own artisans to show his splendor. As such, he grants protection to worlds he should conquer for the simple, light tax of one-hundred monuments to his magnificence.

Tau, Human, and even a mostly-abandoned Eldar world exist under his protection. When a tithe of monuments, be they songs of his glory or dances to celebrate his splendor, fail to appease or be in the appropriate quantity, he unleashes his armada of Destroyers to do as they will. For all of his kindness in protecting filthy aliens, the ingratitude is truly hurtful, and feeling betrayed and scorned he aims for revenge. But such is his compassion and ability for forgiveness, this too shall pass, and once more shall he allow his wine-glass holding hand to be kissed.

And he has never spilled a drop from the glass he holds in his free hand, a glass he holds even in battle.
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