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Welcome (back?) to Heresy! :drinks:

Loving that model, really think you should try your hand at sculpting a cloak for it. I've perused a couple bits retailers selection of cloaks from both the 40k and WFB range and I don't really see something that wouldn't need GS work anyway. I've got a ton of information from this site for various projects, follow that link to a tutorial on how to make cloaks. I might roll the whole thing with a cross-hatch pattern (or whatever makes you happy) before it cures so that when painted it has some edges you could use to help make it look more metallic. Alternately you could indent geometric patterns with a hobby knife and patience. It might not work the first try but you can always moisten up the GS, ball it up, and go at it again provided you haven't burned out your patience.
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