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Necron Rules Update Question

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Necrons have been around for a long time now and talk of a need codex started at the end of 3rd ed and is still going on with no end in sight.

But one thing that keeps coming up over the years is that Necrons are going to lose their special rules. Not an update but to bring it into line with 5th ed but a full remove and replacement. Like WBB gone, replaced will become FNP, and Gauss gone, replaced will become rending.

What i want to know is why players feel this way? Why should Necrons lose what makes Necrons, Necrons in 40K? I know that GW hasn't, nor will they ever say what their plans are for a new codex until they are ready to ship it. But why do players think that Necron special rules need to go away?

So let's hear it,
1. Do you think GW will/needs to replaced WBB?
2. Do you think GW will/needs to replaced Gauss?
3. Do you think GW will/needs to replaced Phase out?
4. If yes to any of the above why do you think it needs to change?
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Yeah its like Shadow of the Warp was removed from Tynarids cause its a special rule and so- oh wait they still have it.

Thats pretty much my argument.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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