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Necron Rules not covered well in FAQ

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Just a couple of strange rules questions that I need to debate/find a consensus.

1.) Scarab swarms move like a jetbike, and have the turbo boost rule, despite not being a jetbike. So on a turbo boost they get a 3+ cover save. They also have a cover save modifier for being a small target.

So do they get a 2+ cover save after turbo-boosting?

2.) Lightning Field says for every wound inflicted, return a str 3 hit.

Does inflicted mean for every wound that is rolled as a wound on the unit,
or every wound that was necessary to destroy the unit?
(had a few arguments on this one. seems the general feeling is that it means any roll to wound that wounds is returned.)

[The Below Rules Question Is Ridiculous, Sorry In Advance]

Ok. The Necron Faq states this about WBB rolls:

"Q: When do you remove necrons that fail their WBB roll?"
"A: Necrons who fail their WBB roll are removed unless you intend to use a Monolith portal to teleport the unit during the current move"

And the Necron Codex says this:

"At the start of every Necron turn, damaged Necrons may self-repair. roll a d6 for every Necron capable of self-repair [meaning every damaged necron within 6" of a necron unit of the same type]."

So my question is this crazy technicality I'm trying to catch the rules on,

if you have a monolith in play at the beginning of your turn, you make your WBB rolls and then when the check would be made to remove failed WBB, you state the intention to teleport that unit, meeting the one criteria you must meet, which is having a necron monolith in play or in reserves, then does it work to say that if for some reason you are unable to portal that unit because you're monolith can not make it to within 18" range or come in from reserves,

Do the "damaged" necrons that were not removed that are now still on the board in the movement phase allowed to We'll be back roll at the beginning of the next turn, because they meet the criteria for:

"At the start of every Necron turn, damaged Necrons may self-repair", which indicates that a damaged (knocked down) necron may self-repair, and since the check to remove the necron from play did not in fact remove it, as per the rules allowing you to keep it on the field could it now attempt another WBB roll?

Now before you rage on me understand that I know for game purposes I know it sounds ridiculous, but following logic as the tool that both created and keeps the rules of the game working, doesn't it follow logic to say that this is how the game rules indicate this sequence of events could work, despite the fact that it makes no sense in-game?

Sorry if I rage anyone with this question. :D
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1: Yes.

2: Every wound the unit takes.

3: No, they must be removed. If you are going to use the portal to resurrect them, it must be on that turn. Failing to do so forfeits those casualties and the opportunity is lost.
Nope. Rules are not borked like that, fortunately.
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