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Here's a copy of the description in my eBay listing. If anyone wants to actually look at the pictures, and what not, check out the actual eBay listing!


First, I'll list what is in this auction, then I will list individually what work needs to be done to what models.

- 42 Necron Warriors
- 10 Immortals
- 27 Scarab Swarms
- 4 Crypteks
- 2 Necron Lords w/ Staffs and Res Orbs
- 2 Necron Overlords with Scythes and Res Orbs
- 1 Monolith
- 1 Doomsday Ark
- 6 Ghost Arks
- 10 Deathmarks
- 1 Metal Nightbringer
- 1 Annihilation Barge
- 5 Necron Lychguard with shields and swords
- Necron Codex

And I am including, FOR FREE, a Citadel Carrying Case with this purchase for the transportation of your models. (They sell around $99.00 new.) I'll also give you a set of chessix dice in a container, and a set of lightning templates. Yay for 3 freebies! Wooooo!

Most of this army has been painted. In case you like what I have done, and want to keep the paint scheme, here is what I did:

1. Prime the models in a flat, black spray paint. The $.99 cheap paint at Walmart works GREAT!
2. Dry brush the models with Mithril Silver.
3. Dry brush the models with Skull White.

There are several models that I have had soaking in Simple Green to remove the paint. I am frankly tired of spending time on them, and could use the cash. They were spray painted white, and still are! You'll need to remove the paint from these models, and it will be VERY EASY to tell which models these are.

- Warriors - Almost all of the warriors do not have the green gauss piece attached. You will have to glue these, as well as the tips of the guns, on to the models. Never fear! I do have them, and will be sending them with this purchase. The are a few (maybe 2 or 3) models where one of the arms have fallen off. I also have these arms and will include them.

- Immortals - These models don't want to stay together. All have been painted, you'll just have to glue a few of them back together.

- Scarab Swarms - Maybe one or two models have a scarab that have fallen off. Mostly, you'll just have to remove the white spray paint.

- Crypteks - No worries here! 3 are painted, and 1 is not. It has been primed with an acrylic (EW! I know!) black.

- Necron Lords w/ Staffs and Res Orbs - Primed in the acrylic black.

- Necron Overlords w/ Scythes and Res Orbs - No problems here! These guys are painted and ready to go.

- Monolith - This Monolith is completely put together.....and was still completely put together when it was spray painted white.

- Doomsday Ark - This model is a wreck. I'm more or less considering this one to be given free with the purchase. It is put together, but one segment too short. You'll have to glue the guns on the both sides.

- Ghost Arks - The only thing you'll have to do with the Ghost Arks is glue them together. I have one which is completely glued together, except for the guns on both sides. So no worries with these models.

- Deathmarks - These are all covered in the white spray paint, and one has his arm not attached. Easy fix here.

- Metal Nightbringer - The only thing that can damage this sucker is a hammer. It's painted over, and not attached to it's base. One of the arms fell off, but this model can be put together in literally 3 minutes with some super glue. I would also recommend re-painting it.

- Necron Codex - Nothing wrong with this!

- Annihilation Barge - This model is in pieces. Consider this a free gift as well.

- Lychguard - Whoever owned these before me never glued these together completely. I never used them, so they were never glued together in my ownership. These models will need to be glued together. A few are primed in the black acrylic paint.
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