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Necron Logbook

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Hey all,

I am starting up a Necorn army to get me into having a few more games..

I want to do a progress log to show people what I am doing and to also look for tips and help motivate me to paint more.

I've started off with a Catacomb Command Barge. I am painting just to get an army on the table but with HQ units I wanted to spend a bit of time really pimping them out so people would really notice the main threats.

I'm going with a digital-matrix themed army. I wanted it to look very code-esque and also quite venomous. Green is usually a toxic looking color which suggests "threat" so this is what I am going with. My actual troops will be silver as per normal Necron color scheme but I am going to accent them with green and the odd royal red.

Enjoy. Will update as a go.

(Yes I noticed the mold lines.. ouch.. big rookie mistake!)

These are just a random selection of parts I have just finished the basecoats on. Many details to come.

The flying unit on it's base. Coming together nicely. Only some detailing done like the main front part. Next is to detail entire model with washing/highlights and picking out all the fine cast.

This frontward view really resembled a scorpion. I like it a lot. It's very threatening.
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Do you think I should do some light weathering to break it up a little?
It is a tough question for me, I have the same dilemma with my Eldar (not a problem for Blood Angels though). I would incline to say yes especially on larger models - it is metal after all so some really controlled scratches or tiny bit of rust could add to the model. I would test it first.

This is just my opinion.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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