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Necrons have a common basis for their models, which makes them remarkably easy to convert substitutes for. The only thing you really need to consider is which model to use as the basis. The lords use the same size body as the lychguard, and the crypteks use the same size body as a necron warrior.

With that in mind, the only real obstacle is detail and wargear. Fortunately, the lychguard kit provides both. Unfortunately, you will need quite a lot of it.


The gist is simple, make each character unique, even if only in a small way. Trim down warscythes and rods of covenant to make unique staves, make use of all the variant head options, and use as many of the spare loin plates and assorted gubbins as you feasibly can. All but one of these models were made with only necron warrior and lychguard parts, the fellow in the centre also used spare parts from another kit, command barge if I recall correctly with a deathmark head.

I have not tried this yet, but I am of the opinion that immortal body frames are also of a good size for cryptek models if you want them to be a tad bulkier.

So what to do with all the lychguard? :laugh:

Well, that's your problem. But you could follow my lead if you wish, and build twenty triarch praetorians, six lychguard and a few plastic lord conversions...

As well as Zandrekh and Obyron. Again, the trick is simply to make as much use of the extra fancy details as you need. An immortal's head to resemble the actual model of Obyron, and spare hyperphase sword blades to extend Zandrekh's staff, making it almost resemble a warscythe. As the actual model does for some reason.

Beyond the difficulty of obtaining enough armour and loin plates, necrons remain one of the easier armies to convert characters for.
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