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Nebular Lord of Change and Warp Typhon by Awaken Realms

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A mighty daemon of Tzeentch descended from the Realm of Change to the world of mortals to plant the seed of heresy in the humans' hearts. Still reflecting the Empyrean Void images on it's massive wings, it baffled and attracted those seeking enlightment, offering an illusion of knowledge that resulted in them diving blindly into depths of heresy.

Take a look not only at his wings reflecting the visions of outer space, but also scenic base - the denizen of Warp is calling forth his ever-changing kin from the deepest chasms of the Realm of Tzeentch! It’ll take the mightiest hero of Imperium to defeat the foul creature.

Lord of Change display video!

How do you like the space theme of the model?

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Excellent, great idea, if you were doing it again would you consider making the wings black, so that it actually looked like the deamon had pieces of actual space as wings
The idea behind was the nebular pattern space, so the "blue space dust"-like colour - also tying the model further to Tzeentch, but your idea is a really good one.;)
Hello there,

A customer that ordered the nebular Lord of Change in our studio ordered also the Typhon tank painted to a scheme that resembles the raw imagery of Warp reflected on it’s surface. Take a look at the models to see our vision of it!

How do you feel when the warp is gazing on you? ;)
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those are both pretty damn amazing. especialy the wings of the Lord of change, simply stunning.
Just wow!
The best thing I have seen from your studio.

(One of the las cannons is upside down)

(One of the las cannons is upside down)
The weapons are magnetized, so it was only mistakenly attached - it's entirely able to being mounted properly;)
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