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Nearly completed Mordian army...

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A while ago, I found a whole bunch of Mordians on eBay. It was a new seller, so I got them all for really cheap (the opening bid!). I've painted them all up now, and just a few days ago I ordered the rest of my 2000 point Mordian army in from the online store. Anyway, I'd like to know what other people think of them! (sorry if the pictures are a little big)

My command bunch w/ Macharius, HSO (converted RT Marneus Calgar), HSO's tea table (Trademark item... I've always wanted the general to be some extremely arrogant guy who just sits far away from the battle sipping his tea!), Senior Officer, Commissar, Standard Bearer, Plasmagunner, Medic, Plasma Pistoler.

Heavy weapons, 2 lascannons, 2 missle launchers, 2 autocannons, and a heavy bolter.

Junior Command Squad w/ Lieutennant, Commissar, ML, Flamer, Medic

2x Infantry Squads, w/ grenader, flamer 2x commissars, 2x Sgt.s

I'll post the rest later... my laptop's running out of battery power :(.
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Ok, I see about 21 people have looked at this as of now... good good...
Anyway, the rest.

Here are my Commissar Cadets a.k.a. Hardened Veterans:

A few Basilisks:

A few Leman Russes:

And finally, a Hellhound and a Chimera:

Well that's it! Questions, comments, concerns... anything is appreciated!
PS, sorry if a few of these are a little blurry!
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I for one like it, and i'd like to point out what you did with the old marneus calgar model...it is very well done
I like it too, it is nice to see a themed army that someone has put so much work in to.
Yes and city street theme. Also on your vehicles the reds seem a bit transparent, IMHO a deeper red would look a bit better. Awesome army though.
I'm loving the tea table and it's use in your army. Great job!
i agree with the urban scheme for bases, it will really suit these guys.

i love the command squad too, and the tea table.....

i have a tutorial on here to paint rubble, but it can be used for painting sand on bases aswell.

heres the link
Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate it.

Anyway, I want to make stormtroopers for these guys now, and I figured I'd make them similar to the Chiros Red Guard from the Macharian Crusade PDF from BOLS. So how would you suggest I make them more stormtroopery? I'll need to make their guns more hellgunish, but I'm sure there are other things I could do as well. If you could give me any ideas, it would be nice.

Also, I just got in all the mordians I ordered, so expect to see a couple more pics sometime in the near future.
This topic seems kind of dead... but it's in my signature, so doggone it, I'm gonna keep it updated!

Anyway, It seems that the near future turned out to be over a month, but here are my stormtroopers!

Here's a bit more of a close up on a few of them, as well as my first trumpeter and my bagpipe player. I didn't have a picture of bagpipes in front of me when I made them though (which was probably a mistake!), so I had to rely on memory to make them at least resemble what I wanted them to look like.

Here's what will eventually be the pipe organ for my master-vox operator:

Finally, here's my Leman Russ Conqueror, now repainted to join my Mordians! Also, I see what you mean about the red being a little transparent... I might need to fix that sometime.

I just primed another 4 lascannon teams today, so I'll probably post a picture of my 2 lascannon support squads when I'm finished painting them.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and feedback is always appreciated!
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It looks really good...hey wait a minute 3 wins...ok i can believe that, but 0 losses.:rofl: Or have i just imagining my past 10 battles against you?
The army is looking good man, keep us updated! Look at picking up a fondation red, that sound do away with the transparent red, or apply a couple more coats of red over what you have not to deepen it. Very cool so far.
Ok, so here's the pipe organ:

Here's my new updated command squad (aside from the organ, not much has changed... Actually, I did give the standard bearer a stabby bit at the end of the flagpole!):

As it turns out, small suitcase keys make good cellos. Guess what my next instrumentalist will have!
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Very well done army here, I like the scheme and the cleanliness of the paint as well. :victory:
The pipe organ master vox is awesome. Looking forwar to an entire mordian army picture
Well, my orks are taking up a lot of my time, but I haven't forgotten about my Mordians! So, here are my lascannon squads:

The number of unpainted Mordians in my army can be counted on one hand now, so expect a full-army photo some time in the near future.
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I love the pipe organ for the master-vox operator, that would be amazing. And i assume the bag-pipes and what not are regualr vox-casters. Amazing work so far, keep it up.
Got some nasty firepower there already.

Trying to imagine that organ on one of your tanks.
always loved the Mordians, well done man!!! Lord Macharius is fantastic!
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