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Hey Guys, its been a while since I subbed my linebreaker batrep and I thought this time I might try something a little different. I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct category but it is a battle report so I've put it in this section anyway... :grin:

Basically its a battle report of a 1750pt game I had with a friend of mine a while ago... but its been written as a story following my post-game interpretation of game events. I hope people enjoy it.

“The Battle of The Bile River”
As the unconfirmed last known location of no less than 130 Imperial ships in the previous year alone, it was becoming more and more obvious, that there was something horribly wrong on Planet Tarteruz IV. Frustrated by the lack of competence shown by the planets governance, the 36th Patagan Mechanised “NightHawks” & 23rd Patagan Armoured are tasked with assessing the situation and dealing with it accordingly. With signs of some form of Chaos Taint emanating from an unknown abandoned Imperial city, the Patagan 36th deploy their E Company, under the Command of Captain Wertze to secure the the perimeter. Little do they know they are not the only ones suspicious of the abandoned city...

Exiled Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr of Alaitoc and his loyal followers watch the humans blunder carelessly through the city ruins. Fearful that the humans' lack of subtlety and ignorance will worsen an already deteriorating situation, they know the humans' trespassing cannot be allowed to continue. Too few in number to fight the Imperials head on, Shaeil-Eshairr devises a plan to ambush their Armoured columns at their most vulnerable - as they cross the corrosive channel of filth, aptly named by the humans “The Bile River”...

Setting: The Map was a 48”x48” city with a black slimy impassible river through the centre, separating the deployment sides. There are two bridges across the river and a roughly even number of ruins and buildings either side.
The game was Dawn of War deployment, which I interpreted as representing an ambush as Imperial units move up and Eldar move in to meet them. Likewise the game objective was seize ground, with the objectives being one of the bridges and 3 different ruins near the 2nd bridge' which I assumed to be vantage points with control over the bridge, representing each side trying to secure control of the bridges. A list of each sides forces has been included at the back.

Pre-game/Deployment: Shaeil-Eshairr's Eldar deploy a single unit of rangers in a building with a clear view of the city section to act as the eyes of the operation, whilst their more elite units outflank into ambush positions or lie in wait for the imminent human advance...

Ever fearful of stumbling into a trap, the Patagans deploy several infantry squads at vantage points with an outlook over the river and the captain's chimera mounted command squad behind them, while they wait for the arrival of their armoured elements of battle tanks and mechanised infantry... and so the fighting begins...

Turn 1: As the humans drew ever closer, the Eldar rangers greeted them with their traditional warm welcome of dead accurate sniper fire, eliminating a few unsuspecting members of infantry squad [303], as a unit of harlequins slunk silently into position behind the rangers. Seeing a brilliant opportunity for some entertainment, the overly impatient death jester decided to take some pot shots knocking off 2 more members of squad [303].

Amazed by how suddenly things had heated up, the Imperial infantry squads quickly returned fire, training their autocannons at the windows from which the firing had come. As they do so the Imperial armour rolls on behind them guns blazing. Large calibre autocannon rounds, shells from various Leman Russ tanks and multi-laser fire from the mechanised infantry transports rake the side of the building shaking it violently. Pieces of masonry flying every which way force the rangers to keep their heads down, as they hold on desperately for dear life.

Disturbed by the piercing shriek that had erupted just below the building, not to mention the subsequent violent deaths of 2 members of squad [303], the Imperial commander, Captain Wertze ordered his transport's gunner to fire at the strange distorted shadows, that seemed to dance around the base of the building, watching as 1 collapsed under the bursts of of multi-laser fire.

Turn 2: Realising time was of the essence and what must be done, Shaeil-Eshairr telepathically signalled for the ambush to begin. A sleek Falcon grav-tank sped gracefully through the ruined buildings towards the Imperial battle tanks, whilst a squad of Striking Scorpions crawled towards the Imperials' right flank and the Swooping Hawks dropped from the sky, the exarch himself dropping an explosive grenade pack onto squad [303] as they came down. The Hawks easily cut through squad [303] with the grenade pack and quick bursts of Las-fire and the Scorpions lunged out of hiding wielding their chainswords with deadly efficiency, cutting yet another infantry squad [302] down to the last man.

With the battle quickly escalating, the Imperial captain requested the support of one of his veteran infantry squads [381] to come in and replace the 2 devastated infantry squads. Unnerved by the dancing shadows at the base of the enemy building, an elite commando (my fluffed version of Guardsman Marbo) is sent in to investigate. Slipping under the cover of a personal stealth field into the midst of dancing shadows, the agent throws a personally assembled HE-charge into the midst of the shadows killing several and disrupting the shadowseer's veil of tears long enough to reveal the shadows' true form.
“Harlequins!!!” The suddenly scared, agent tells the captain over his vox link, “Sir, we're facing harlequins!”
“Harlequins!? Get out of their fast Gallows! Lay your charge and get out fast!”
“Hell, you don't have to tell me twice!” came the immediate reply, as the agent's took cover behind a rocky outcrop, reactivating his stealth field.

Seeing the brutal slaughter of squad [302], the Imperial armoured units replied in an equally violent fashion, chimeras toasting the Scorpions with their flamers and Chrysamere VI lobbing
a battle cannon shell into the midst, until nought remained but torched and shattered bodies. As the autocannon of squad [307] and the Leman Russ Demolisher tanks continued to batter the rangers' hideout, Chimera tank Insanity advanced steadily across the 1st bridge to torch several members of the Swooping Hawk squad with its heavy flamer and squad [365]'s meltaguns.

Turn 3: In response to the Imperials' swift advance across the first bridge, the Swooping Hawks take flight again as the War Walkers move in to tackle the Imperial armour, eliminating Battle Tank Chrysamere VI with with a volley of missiles and bright lances.

Furthermore, the Falcon grav-tank continued forward, taking out the Imperials' command chimera, causing a devastating internal explosion from which only the captain and the lieutenants survived. With their transport now in position, the Falcon's occupants a squad of deadly Fire Dragon tank hunters emerged, a stream of superheated particles surging from their fusion guns, ripping through the first Leman Russ Demolisher.

Shaeil-Eshairr sighed in relief as he watched the mighty metal beast die, smiling to himself as his Wave Serpent transport hovered slowly into position. Shaeil-Eshairr watched the tank's gunner fires a bright lance shot at a nearby chimera, rattling the crew, whilst in front of him the harlequins drove off the Imperial commando with their pistols. “Maybe, just maybe, we do stand a chance...”
Unfortunately, his hopes were soon shattered as the remaining Leman Russ avenged its fallen compatriot, bathing the Dragons in flames from its hull flamer and lobbing a massive shell into the Falcon's side,* dumbfounding its crew with the sheer force of the explosion. Up on their vantage point of a secure building, squad [307] finish off the surviving Dragons, and with the Fire Dragons gone an Imperial Hellhound seized the opportunity to race onto the second bridge headed for the rangers.

Meanwhile at the second bridge the Imperial Command elements regathered their wits, after the untimely eviction from their vehicle. “Lieutenant Colvin, that ruin is the last known location of squad [303]. Head there and see if you can find any survivors. Sergeant Kazzian, take [381] and secure [302]'s location. Sergeant Merridia, take your veterans and head up this road towards the Eldar ranger position. We'll cover you from those walkers. Everyone move out!!!”
“On it Captain!”

Knowing the War Walkers were a foe not to be taken lightly, Captain Wertze requested the support of a vehicle hunting Stormtrooper unit, though failure to locate a safe drop zone caused them to be delayed.
“Well, looks like its up to us then...” he muttered to the two lieutenants of his command squad, as they headed across the bridge. “Telyzian, take him down! Aim for the lance, we don't need to lose any more armour!” His voice was immediately drowned out by the hissing beam of his lieutenant's trusty meltagun, as it ripped apart one of the dreaded bright lances, while melta fire from nearby squad [365] blew a second walker to smithereens.
“Good work team, keep it up!”

{*This is Not an illegal move for the record. I actually targeted both guns on the falcon with the flamer deliberately positioned so as to cover the dragons as well, though for narrative flow I assumed they were fired separately}

Turn 4: Things were going from bad to worse. With the Fire Dragons gone and his War Walkers soon to follow Shaeil-Eshairr's precious little anti tank weaponry was quickly whittling away, and taking his chances of victory with them. He watched the two remaining walkers desperately fighting back the enemy mechanised elements, blasting a second chimera to oblivion and 3 of its passengers with it. Seeing an opportunity to avenge their fallen brother, the walkers barged forward into the squad trampling them under the feet of their advanced vehicles as the unnerved veterans tried to fall back.

“Nice, to see you could make it, Karkazy!” Captain Wertze exclaimed as the stormtroopers finally arrived, descending via Grav chutes as, early moring sunlight glimmering brilliantly off their golden suits. “You take over here, help squad [362] secure this ruin!”
“Will do, sir. I won't let you down again, sir!”
“Good, I'm counting on you”, the captain replied as his squad headed for [362]'s newly vacated transport.
“Full speed ahead driver!” The chimera lurched forward, carrying them at full speed down the road towards rangers' position, where the hellhound Pestilence proceeded to burn out the building's occupants. Behind them carnage ensued as the combined fire of 5 meltaguns turned the 2 remaining walkers to a molten goo...

“Sergeant Kazzian, tell your plasma gunners to eliminate that falcon! Bring it down Kazzian!”
“Will do sir! Consider it gone!” The orders from the captain's newly commandeered chimera were responded to promptly, and seconds later the falcon crashed to the ground, its systems fried to crisp. It seemed victory was nearly at hand for the Imperials.

Turn 5: In a last ditch effort the Swooping Hawks landed behind the enemy lines, taking out several of the Imperial Squad [381] veterans, while Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr personally led his Dire Avenger retinue into the fray to make their last stand.
“Follow me, comrades! Make these last shots count, give the enemy something to remember us by!”
The Farseer called on his immense psychic power to guide his Avengers' weapons, sending their monomolecular shurikens straight for their marks. A storm of shuriken fire poured down on the humans, Avengers bursting from their transport as it ground to a halt in front of the Imperial position. The shurikens tore through the veterans of squad [362], while the Farseer himself shattered the sergeant's mind with raw psychic energy, until only two veterans remained, scrambling for their lives.

With one chance left the Wave Serpent's gunner trained both Bright Lances on the Hellhound, firing in unison, to eliminate the dreaded machine. Alas the fear of failure weighed too heavily on the
gunner's mind, his hands fumbling and the two lance shots smashed harmlessly into the ground in front of it.
The Harlequin troupe master knew what had to be done. Too many Eldar lives had been lost today and he was not going to join them. The Harlequins fired carefully at the enemy's sole remaining chimera with their fusion pistols, disabling the tracks and disrupting the vehicle's crew long enough for them to make their escape...

“Hey, get back here, you two!” The captain's voice blasted in the ears of the two retreating meltagunners of squad [362].
“And where did you think your going, anyway? This is no time for a vacation!”
“No sir, sorry sir!” Recollecting their wits the two gunner's clambered to their feet firing their guns at the Wave serpent shaking it violently, while the Stormtrooper meltaguns incapacitated its engines to prevent its escape.
Stubbing out his cigar on his armour, the Hellhound's gunner trained the aptly named Inferno Cannon on the Dire Avengers as the vehicle rolled forward. A 'Whoosh' of flame belched from the weapon, the superheated stream of promethium cooking them to a crisp. The gunner stopped to breathe in the comfortingly thick smell of burning promethium, looking over his shoulder just in time to see the remaining swooping hawks wiped out by a demolisher shell and a rain of molten plasma.

Surrounded by the charred remains of his fallen brethren, Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr prepared to draw up what remaining psychic energy he could muster. There was no victory to be had here, but he wasn't going to let that Imperial dog make it out of here alive. The captain drew his pistol firing quickly to stop the him casting his power, though the las rounds bounced harmlessly off the Psycher's powerful rune armour. Suddenly a roaring hiss rang out and the searing heat of a meltagun smashed through the armour, the massive energy overload knocking him unconscious.
“Don't worry, Captain, me and Melty have your back.” Wertze turned to smile at Lieutenant Telyzian, who's skilled marksmanship had just saved his life...

Battle Result/Epilogue: Desperately outnumbered and out gunned though they were, the Alaitoc Eldar of Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr did not go down easily. Each Eldar warrior fought to the death, right down the very last. The Farseer himself fighting valiantly alongside their comrades, however despite their immense courage, their efforts were in vane and they were unable to stop the Imperials securing both bridges. Dragged out from Imperial capture by the surviving harlequins, Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr scarcely made it out with his life. Nevertheless, his near brush with death was not the biggest of his worries. Something was emerging at the city centre, something that should be left alone. Yet from experience he knew well enough it was human nature to meddle with things that should be left alone...

So... what did people think any good??? or should I just stick to the more traditional style BatReps in future?

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Oooh and I copmletely forgot the ary lists...
Here we go:

Farseer Shaeil-Eshairr's Alaitoc Exiles (Eldar - 1750pts)

HQ - 1x Farseer (w/ Mind war, Guide, Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing)
HQ - 1x Phoenix Lord ( Baharroth – Swooping Hawks)
TR - 10x Dire Avengers (Inc. Exarch w/ Power Weapon, Shimmershield, Blade-storm & Defend)
Wave Serpent Transport (w/ Bright Lances, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines)
TR - 5x Rangers (w/ Pathfinders)
EL - 8x Harlequins (Inc. Troupe Master, Death jester, Shadowseer)
EL - 6x Striking Scorpions (Inc. Exarch w/ Biting Blade, and shadow-strike)
EL - 6x Fire Dragons (Inc. Exarch w/ Fire Pike)
FA - 6x Swooping Hawks (Inc. Exarch w/ Sunrifle & Skyleap)
HS - Falcon (Bright Lance, Shuriken cannon, Vectored Engines & Spirit Stones)
HS - 3x War Walkers (w/ Bright Lance & Missile Launcher Each)

36th Patgan Mechanised Legion - E Company (supported by armour from 23rd Patagan Armoured) (Imperial Guard - 1750pts)

HQ – E Company Command (“Captain Wertze” w/ Power Fist, “Lt. Telyzian” w/ Meltagun, Rest w/ Laspistols)
TR – Veteran Squad (Sgt. w/ Plasma Pistol, 3x meltaguns, Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer) [362]
TR – Veteran Squad (Sgt. w/ Plasma Pistol, 3x meltaguns, Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer) [365]
TR – Platoon Command Squad (“Lt. Hans Colvin” w/ Laspistol, Rest w/ Flamers Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer)[310]
3x Infantry Squads (w/ 1x Autocannon, 1x Grenade Launcher Each) [302],[303] &[307]
TR – 1x Veteran Squad (w/ “Sgt. Hans Kazzian” (Harker), 3x Plasma Guns) [381]
FA – Hellhound (w/ Heavy flamer)
FA – Armoured Sentinel (w/ Plasma Cannon)
El – “Agent Ferdinand Gallows” (Guardsman Marbo)
EL – 5x Stormtroopers (w/ “Sgt. Mirabel Karkazy” – Plasma Pistol, 2xMeltaguns w/ Airborne Spec. Ops Mission
HS – Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ lascannon
HS – Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Heavy flamer
HS – Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Heavy flamer
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