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Had a chance to finally edit and complete the first mission for a narrative a friend and I are running. First time doing more of a narrative style for my battle reports, which has been a lot of fun thus far. Eager to see how everything unfolds and share with you all.

The campaign sees the planet of Liava send a distress signal when Tyranids come bursting forth from the jungles into the populated areas of the planet. With no Hive Ships or reported incursions, it is a mystery as to how all of these Tyranids arrived. Answering the call is the Astartes of the Dragonborn Chapter (Successors of the Salamanders), who break from the warp and race to aid the local PDF of Liava before it is too late.

If you're interested in learning the full background of this narrative series, there is an introduction video on my channel that highlights both the story and rules being used for our campaign.


The Peril of Liava
Mission #1 - Planetfall

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