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Hello Fellow Heretics!

I recently started naming my figures and I was wondering if anyone else does?

My Tactical Squad:
Sergeant: Sarge the Wapr Spider slayer (Killed an entire squad of warp spiders including an exarch with power weapons, by himself)

Meltagunner: Tom (A guy from my store, works as a body guard)

Hvy Bolter: Chuckles the destroyer of worlds! (This guy is amazing, by himself he has killed over 3000 points of models including Calgar, Skarbrand and Celestine!)

Only fully painted Marine: Farmer Bob (A friend who lives next to a barn)

Bolter Marine 1: Rhys (Fellow Blood Angels player)

Bolter Marine 2: Oliver (Friend)

Bolter Marine 3: Jimmy (Staff member, hasnt survived a game yet)

Bolter Marine 4: John (Staff member)

Bolter Marine 5: Daniel (Friend..sort of)

Bolter Marine 6: Craig (Friend)

Librarian: Swifty (Mr Swift, everyone calls him swifty and I don't even know his first name)

Chaplain/Reclusiarch: Mal (Store Manager)

Libby Dread: Me (Awesome)

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Nice names! I do that with my ork dreadniughts

Killa kans:

Crap kan
hugh kan
(forgot this one)

Deff dread:

Meka dread:



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I do, as I have a small number of Grey Knights, it is quite simple to keep track, and it adds a narative element!

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I name them...

My Ironclad dread is called: Yserlaeg. Ijserlaag is Dutch for Ironclad

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i dont reli name single memebers of my csm squad, to much of a headache lol, i do name my squads as a whole and my lords and dreads examples of some of my named lord and dreads
Dark Apostle Kogoth
First Acolyte Azgori
Slaanesh Lord Inush the Defiler
Khorne Lord Krath the Skull Cleaver
Tzeentch Lord Vath the Unchanger
Nurgle Lord Nabor the Plague Ridden
Daemon prince Achar the Doomed
Nurgle Dreadnought Warrior-Brother Ekeloth The Decayed
Wordbearer Dreadnaught Exalted Dark Apostle Rokath the Doomsayer

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Only my sgts get names and other characters.

The grunts are known purely as "brother redshirt".

My Sgts are named after specific named clones from The Clone Wars series (so you have Rex, Cody, etc).
One of my tech marines is named "Brother Vidicon of Cathode" (it's an old SF in-joke name. Ref: St Vidicon of Cathode).

One of my friends who plays SoB has a similar theme to my Techpriests. His sisters are from the Anodean sisterhood.

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Naming specific Squads/Characters/Vet Sgts etc adds depth and character to an Army, so it's a great way to personalise a list.

My GK's, being the elite of the elite that they are, are all named...it was damn hard coming up with 90 suitable names though:biggrin:

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I name my Characters and my Exorcists.

Canonness Sarasvati
Palatine Desdemona

Veteran sisters Superior Regina, Aliz, Tuesday, Nephthys, Justine, Nike, Pandora & Juliette.

Exorcists Damnatus tuum & Adsume Planctum.

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I name my sergeants, characters and random models.

I use a combination of names from the salamander fluff (N'Keln, Argos) and the rest are named after hip hop artists i like (A'kil, Ta'lib, C'hali, Zaakir)

My dreads are called Malleus and Incus (hammer and anvil)

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I name my tyranids based on combinations of mythical and other creature names.

Serpion (serpent scorpion): Hive Tyrant (yes that`s me :grin: )
Hydrake (hydra drake): Warrior Prime
Draoc, pronounce DRAY-ok (dragon roc): Harpy

and so on.

My necrons are named for negative emotions.

Misery: Necron Lord
Despair: Another Lord
Hatred: Flayed One
Spite: Wraith

and so on. Models only earn a name after accomplishing something awesome. Pretty easy for the leaders, but that flayed one had to work hard. (brought down a dreadnought piece by piece over four turns with disruption fields.)

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I only have one model named - Tank. Just a regular chaos marine who, in a 2 v 1 game of killteam (narrative campaign), survived the combined firewpower of both a dark angels and tau killteams for 4 turns and won the game for me.

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I have names for my Tyranids.

Dave 1, Dave 2, Dave 3, Dave 4.........

The only one who even comes close is my Chaos Sorcerer since he has killed both Calgar and Pedro while taking no hits in return. He's called Camper. Becuase he killeds you as you spawn *boooooo! Bad joke*

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My Chaos ary has names for everry squad, usually the name of the asp champion which leads them
Squad Teritus
Squad Hesnak
Squad Criol etc.
They are basically random jumbles of Syllables i bounced around untill something good came out.

Each of my lords and their bodyguards are named and occasionally a single marine will gain the honour. I have a flamer marine in a 5 man csm unit which managed to weather firing from 2 full units of necron warriors (i had no other models with me otherwise he probabley would have been toting plasma) the following turn he passed his all on your own check leapt his barricade and wounded Nightbringer with his flamer, then he suceeded in charging the C'tan and holding it in combat for 2 turns before getting cut down. Flame trooper Caranshi is now a much loved member of Squad Corvic.

Also each of my Traitor guard tanks are named after movies.
Lethal weapon, Gladiator, Unbreakable, Fist of fury etc.

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I haven't really named much apart from a few of my hq units. Ig HQ (Colonel) Shaantitus and abbadon replacement Overlord Caleb(After the main character in the PC Game 'Blood') and Lo Wang my marbo counts as. However in yesterdays game my two leman russes spent the game delivering pieplates so maybe they will be the Pie Vans from now on. And the Master of the ordinance is the 'Proprieter of the Pie Shop'

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Command Squad Heresy

Banner bearer: Brother Red Corsairs

Champion: Brother Spikey

Special Weapons: Brother Dark Angel (PowerFist) Brother Jackal (Combi-flamer)

Bolter Marine: Sister Katie Drake

Mutant Mascot: LTP

Chaplain: Brother Jezlad

Death company member: Brother Stillios
News of their acheivments will be coming soon

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Currently the only guys that are named are my Librarian:- Brother Librarian Agrippa, My First dreadnought:- Brother Orca, my sisters, Cannoness Stella Artrois and her 2ic Palatine Kali Bear.

My Marine captain isnt painted yet, so i havent deigned to give him the honour of a name :)
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